Team Robertston or Team Trent?

  • Or Both?

    I have 100 shares in Robertson and he has already delivered me more than 15% of his value in Divs, I noticed him and TAA were neck and neck on points throughout the game but only one can win.

    Do you hold both? one over the other? I know TAA is more expensive (not much more currently) but has the "English" Factor for him..

  • Think there is an identical thread to this from a couple of weeks back but I will be good enough to answer the question. Robertson is a quid cheaper and is more
    Likely to start for his country in the Euro’s then TAA is.

    They share set piece duties although TAA took a few more last night and still ended up losing. Robertson was clearly more accurate with his. Since lockdown he has consistently beat his scores.

    There will be a time where he should be the better option, but it isn’t right now in my opinion. Or you could have both as it isn’t if TAA is scoring badly, just his competition for PB is on a match day is generally on the other flank.

  • I don't think it's going to be a fixed thing. Robertson is playing at his best at the moment, real class performances, whilst I think TAA is still recovering form after his injury.

    I think the winner will switch between the two, but they'll both often be competing for the dividends.

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