Reason to be patient

  • Last night was a massive reason for people to be patient. I bought Carrasco on old system and have seen his value drop and drop and drop
    I have 600 of him but believed he would be able to produce. Set piece taker corners etc and very good player. He's been close to winning recently a couple.of times. I could of sold for big losses and did panic when seeing him drop but it shows that if you stick with them they will come.good if you trust your judgement. FI is up to a 3 year plan on players remember and the divs now.mean a win can massively bring any losses back so don't sell for massive losses stay calm and bide your time. The value is only a figure that is true if you sell That figure may look low on here at times but ignore and wait and if we all do this I can see alot of happy people

  • @AndyA1892 Unfortunately a lot of traders seem to think it’s a bet of a few days, or in some IPO cases a few hours. Not a career (3 year bet) with multiple chances to win!

    I’ve said before I get the ‘playing the spreads’ argument. But doing that to cement a few % profit is stopping significantly more profit being realised as it slows the rises which would breed confidence.

    A bit of patience is good for us all in the long run.

  • Could not agree with your statement more although I am lucky enough to have missed the big crash but joined just before the latest one.

    Managed to now get myself back to even on my investment and am now putting some money back in as there are some crazy price bargains out there at the moment that I cannot see being the price they are now for 3 years or they will at least make me their value back in divs.

    Some of the prices around at the moment are insane and I reckon we might see a boom at some point in the middle of next year as all the COVID worries, hopefully, begin to ease.

    Onwards and upwards.

  • I was nearly 6000 profit b4 the change and went down to 500 quid profit i have kept all my initial buys that had dropped a lot and now I'm back up to 2500 profit by sitting on them and winning divs on new system which is what I bought majority of my players for on lower div winning amounts. I know its no where near where I was and this isn't a massive amount of money but shows that it can start going up again slowly but surely. Again its 3 years on your players. And if we do start moving upwards the profit will come back but with potentially alot bigger div wins 👍👍

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