Finally sold my last two shares...

  • ... and it is appropriate that it is the last day of 2020. Just to give a bit of background to my story. About two years ago I'd been listening to a couple of colleagues talk about something called Football Index (!) and how well they'd been doing. It sounded great and something I'd be interested in, however, it took me a couple of months to actually register and 'invest' some money. To begin with I just sodded about but l used it as a learning period and eventually I settled down and started to make a little bit of money which made me very happy.

    Then we got to March 2020 and I really do not need to explain what 2020 has meant for probably everybody reading this. Portfolio of stock valued at roughly £3200 cut in half... and over the weeks and months it just kept dropping and dropping as I am sure many other peoples portfolios did too. As far as I was concerned it was just my (bad) luck and nobody really to blame... not even myself even with one or two shitty players that I'd bought of my own volition. I understand people wanting and needing someone or somebody to blame it is only natural and human nature. None of us likes to think we made a mistake or worse that we have had one put over on us. I suppose it hurts our pride and self esteem. Anyway I gave it many months to recover a little but my sad little group of players never did. Transfer deals failed to materialise and Covid did the rest.

    So I finally managed to get rid of my last two shares in Caci (yes, I know. Don't say another farkin' word!) I'm finally out. Zilch, Nada... Nichevo! So what next? Well I'm heavily invested in traditional stock markets right now and I would recommend that anybody who is not invested in traditional markets to give it a go. Football Index was always a bit of fun for me and I understood the risk involved and that it was effectively a bet, a gamble (but show me an investment that doesn't have any risk!). For some people Football Index was much more than just a bit of 'fun' and that what has happened to FI over the last few months has understandably hurt them both financially and mentally. Unfortunately like anything we hold dear once the confidence and trust is gone it is a devil to get back.

    I will still log in from time to time and when things settle down who knows I might even invest again! All that remains for me to say is that it's been one hell of a ride and I wish everybody invested in Football Index the very best of luck both in their personal lives and in their investments.

    Good Luck to you all!

    Bon Voyage

  • @NewUser278925 Bon Voyage and Good Luck !!

    Out of interest, did you actually make a loss overall? A lot of people affected by the crash have still made good returns.

    I've heard some talk about having withdrawn their original deposits and just playing with profit. Portfolio values are down, but still a healthy profit overall.

  • @NewUser278925 Try Alien Metals mate (UFO)
    The silver rally is just starting.

  • @Honeylight Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately I dropped about a third... approximately a grand but I've had worse in my time and a lot better too but it's all about taking a risk. Two of my friends who were much more heavily into Football Index made good profits by any standards despite one of them dropping 30k. I believe he still made about 50k profit. To be honest I just wasn't as clued up as they were with how to really work the system. They used to put quite a bit of time into it I seem to recall. With the introduction of Order Books it has altered the game somewhat. Different strategies need to be employed and so I think anyone who gets to grips with it could potentially be onto a winner. Hopefully the NASDAQ element will be rolled out and that should give the 'investors' a better understanding of the market, liquidity, volatility and the risk. If FI is promoted and confidence can slowly return then there is a good future possible for both FI and investors. Of course it is still a bet and you really should only invest money you can afford to lose. All about attitude to risk and the ability to mitigate that risk.

    anyway enough of my New Years eve ramblings (alcohol slowly starting to kick in!) Good luck to you and have a great 2021 ... or at least a better year than the one we all just gone through.

  • @NewUser366897 Funny you should mention Alien as I've been invested with them for a little while now. Also Rainbow Rare Earths (RBW) since 1.6p so I'm not doing too bad there. Also interested in Alba and many others! To be fair my main investments are held in Funds, Investment Trusts and ETFs, then I have my 'riskier' AIM stocks which are very volatile at times but can be very exciting (and very frustrating too) to invest in.

    Good luck with your investments and with FI. I wouldn't like to say which way FI will go long term. I hope it all settles down and gives a good future for the company and all the investors. The whole concept was very ingenious and it can still be a success with a bit of luck.

    Happy new year to you!

  • @NewUser278925 You've been here for 2 years and didn't bother changing your username! Ha ha. I used to trade in the stock market via unit trusts, until I discovered FI two years ago and took most of my money out of the stock market and into here. About a grand went into crypto.

    After I left I learnt that my old stock market fund (commercial property) had to be suspended because of a huge crash. No thanks, I'll stick with FI. I know a lot more about football and it's more enjoyable. I don't have to wait 3 months to get paid. There are funds where you can arrange for a monthly payment (income), but those would be peanuts compared to FI.

  • @Londoner Hello Londoner, Yes I fully understand your sentiment. The stock market can be equally as volatile as Football Index... in some cases more so. On AIM stocks the investor is susceptible to all sorts of trickery and price manipulation. Very often it is best to get in low, not to buy on spikes and hold tight... and that's only good if the company comes good. at the end of the day it is all a gamble, a punt. you not only need knowledge of the investment whether it be a company or a football player. You need good timing both getting in and out of the investment OR you need patience. You also need your fair share of luck. Either way it has to be better and more interesting than sticking it in a current account. When I was a kid I could get 10% apr on my post office account... those days are long gone and I might be wrong but I don't see them coming back anytime soon not unless all this Great Reset stuff really is true. Then we're all buggered!

    Happy New Year to you!

  • yes we live and learn,god help us all survive real desperate times made harder by this pile of crap app.Im glad your free of it at least,you are blessed.

  • @NewUser278925 A Happy,healthy and prosperous New Year to you too mate.

  • @NewUser278925

    Good luck and I wish you well in your next adventure.

    My main FI wish for 2021 is greater liquidity in the market, as it’s vital that people who want to leave are able to do so at a competitive price.

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