Let's talk dividends....

  • Today is the day I've reached 1 year on the Index and what a year it has been!!

    My port has been hit hard by recent events but looking at divs could be a slight glimmer of hope.
    All depending if we some liquidity and some sort of rise this year.

    Dividends this year

    Jan £1.23
    Feb £5.48
    Mar £30.24
    Apr £73.36
    May £62.01
    Jun £37.14
    Jul £55.13
    Aug £105.66
    Sep £144.65
    Oct £140.01
    Nov £146.49
    Dec £188.94

    I know they are not amazing numbers but they all add up and the average is definitely creeping up.

    This is what I got daily for the last 6 months

    Jul £1.77
    Aug £3.40
    Sep £4.80
    Oct £4.51
    Nov £4.88
    Dec £6.09

    I'm not really sure the point I'm trying to make here as not much to shout about these days but I do think there is some dividends to be earned in the next 12 months

  • Definitely some good amounts there pal. Mine have been creeping up through the year, definitely a good sign. How much have you put in to FI, and are you re-investing divs? Don't forget got TOTM to add to that December total aswell!!

  • @Lillychar1216 I've put in £5860 and reinvested all divs. If I was to start again I would do so much differently but hey ho hindsight is a wonderful thing.

  • @Mr-Richard-T Sure everyone would do things different if starting again, I know I would! I have only £2100 that i've put in and December is gonna be about £141 in divs. Not expecting as much this month as alot of that was from re-cycling shares.

  • @Lillychar1216 That's great returns for the month!
    I'm expecting the same curve hopefully as I hold some of the usual suspects. I do hold some players who return fuck all in divs and dropped drastically in price but I'm sure alot of others users in same boat

  • 7ac544f3-4e7c-4357-bd27-e777bdb4a228-image.png

  • @qwertqwert Holy cow!! One way of doing it haha. Who your biggest holds if you don't mind me asking?

  • i wish id bought shares for divs,im the div who bought shares to sell at 5-10% profit,so sad.

  • @qwertqwert Jeff Reine Adelaide is listed twice, just in case you haven't noticed.

  • @UncleBeard
    I used to have the same issue with Andy Goram

  • @Shaun442 I was the same. My dividend return over the past year was only about 7%. However, I've finally decided to stop waiting for prices to recover and do a bit more trading and I've been surprised at how quickly things have started to turn around. I've managed to refresh Salah, Sterling, CHO (twice) and Dembele by selling to market on a spike, then buying back in, making a minimum of 5% in just an hour or so, which is way better than the CA under the old system. Also, all now eligible for IPDs again too, which is another little bonus. Therefore, even you're not getting the dividends, there are ways to trade to free up some funds.

    I've probably got about 60 players with limited liquidity at the moment, so I'm just doing this on those holds where there are lots of purchases on a regular basis. There'll be opportunities on the others I am sure, but I haven't really got the time to keep watching the spreads for more than a couple of players at a time at the moment. I'm hoping a decent move in January might help a couple of those out too and, in the main, I still believe that most of my holds will come good, but doing this bit of trading in the meantime keeps it fun and frees up some cash to either refresh players or start to move your portfolio in a different direction.

  • @Mr-Richard-T I've now got a steady stream of divs having adapted and reshaped my port over the last few of months, after pretty much being reduced to what I invested 2 years ago.
    Sept - £157.43
    Oct - £93.10
    Nov - £72.84
    Dec - £128.18

    Average return £112.91 pm on a port that has increased to £2,415, so hopefully this will keep ticking over.

  • @John-D

    That’s a good dividend yield that will keep you moving in the right direction.

  • Those of you that are re-investing div's , do you bid/buy daily as divs come in, or do you save them up and do it weekly/monthly?

    Just wondering as I have been bidding daily and it's really filling my spreadsheet up with buying small amounts in players! lol

    My spreadsheet started tiny just tracking buy's and has evolved somewhat into tracking who, and how many I want to buy, tracking those prices etc. Took me an age to do but hopefully will enable me to invest wisely for the future

  • @qwertqwert that's an impressive port. Im sure you'll get plenty of divs. Imagine media madness on that!!!

  • @John-D very well done sir!

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