Dividends based on transfer fees

  • I am a self confessed novice on FI, I joined 18 months ago with some excellent rises and now like most people, the only player I have recently been able to offload for profit was morata, held all the rest for better times but displaying an overall loss for my profile.

    There are numerous discussions I read on here about giving a little more incentive for lower value players, the only thing I can think of was to introduce dividends to players upon transfer announcements from each club, I think it should also be banded so more money is paid out for say £90m - £100m and less for say £10-£20m and a tiny amount for loans, there are so many players I look on the index which I believe would generate a huge transfer fee yet are worth approx £1-£2 per share or even less! I guess journeymen type players would all of a sudden become a bit more attractive, what's all your thoughts??? Undisclosed fees, I am sure you could work something out.

  • Lower end players quite often win PB's which generate a high yield in dividends, you just need to be on the right lower end player at the right time. I don't think there is any problem with dividends at the moment in fact they've never been better. Liquidity is the problem and I can't see that changing until the world outside of FI becomes more certain.

  • @NewUser412625 they did something similar to this last january, wasnt a roaring success iirc, the other point being this would only be valid for a quart of the year when transfer windows are open

  • What's wrong with the current system?

    It seems to me that the old system worked and the new system works. The problem was the transition from old to new and traders being trapped at old prices without the safety net of selling back to FI.

    The incentive for lower priced players is IPD, but that is a 30 day bet not a 3 year bet. Several low priced players are cheap as chips making the dividend return higher.

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