I think a 3 tier pb system is a must!

  • With prices up and down more than the Pepsi Max rollercoaster, the index has changed no longer a up and coming player can go from 80p to £3 and be sustainable investment. I think a 3 tier system could be great for each position. The frustrations of coming 2nd or 3rd and selling up. Good players should keep value.

    1st place 10p per share
    2nd 5p per share
    3rd 2p per share

    Think this would be a much better system.

  • Not sure they’d have the money to reward 3 places per position right now.. maybe if they ditch TOTM perhaps.

  • Long term i think this would be great for the platform, but I can’t see it happening in the short term as the dividends currently on offer are very generous, when compared to player prices.

    I hope no one is selling up a player just because they finished 2nd or 3rd in their PB category. That sounds like a way to lose money, as no player wins PB every time they play - not even Messi. Although it’s annoying when your player just misses out, I’d take it as an encouraging sign that they are there or there abouts.

  • Maybe it would work just on gold days and encourage some trading ?

  • Paying top 2 on Silver days and top 3 on Gold days would generate some trading on the players outside the top 50. Would the extra commission cover the increased dividends? I genuinely have no idea

  • Can't see it happening - and trying to get the winner only is part of the fun

  • Been talked about before. And I’m sure it will come in one day. But can’t see it for a year at least.

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