Allan St Maxim

  • Hi all, happy new year. I have been investing in a small way for 18 months now. Despite the fluctuations and some of the negativity around I am enjoying the product and will be staying put. Anyone got any thoughts on St Maxim. The covid recovery story could be a smokescreen ( I wish him well if he is still ill ). He could be on his way this window and at around 50p worth a look? cheers

  • @NewUser406849

    I’m a bit concerned about how much impact this ‘long’ covid is going to have on him.

    But if he can recover fully and get back to his best, then 50p is a bargain for an exciting 23 year old player.

  • I held previously but his pb isn’t very good and he misses a lot of games got on at around 80p pre crash and sold at nearly double IMO I wouldn’t go back on him now I think there’s better alternatives around same price

  • @NewUser406849 I am happy to read this post, as while it is a little pump it is nice to read and not the usual absolute negative shite that others continuously post. (They know who they are and unfortunately, they are ruining the forum for others which is why @Black-Wolf is coming in again to remove decent folk to Discord).

    Hopefully, FI stop these wankers from posting in the future as the forum is easier to maneuver around than discord.

    Anyways I just bought into him as well as I agree he is pure value (Pretty much like 90% of players at the min)

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