January 2021 TOTM

  • Welcome 2021, what a horrid year we had on FI, well most of us did. With that topsy turvy excuse of a year behind us, let's hope 2021 can bring us some happiness, and let's start with TOTM!

    Once again, thanks to twitter user: elkhunter78 for these screenshots.

    Kimmich, my guess is he will remain in the top 3 position this month, disturbing how good he is, and how well he scores. I might put a bit of money into Remo Freuler, has some good fixtures coming up, and I feel like he is good value at the moment.





    Any how, good luck, I will keep it updated.

  • Thanks for sharing this

  • Anyone had there winnings from Dec TOTM yet?

  • At around 10:15 this morning

  • nothing for me yet i hold messi

  • @Luke-k It may be that you got him after the 21st of the month

  • Always appreciated by all of us on here ... best thread on the forum

    Positive and informative

    Things really feel like they’re stabilising now even without FI intervention

    Can only see this trend continuing building up to the Euros

  • @Three-lions said in January 2021 TOTM:

    Always appreciated by all of us on here ... best thread on the forum

    Positive and informative

    Things really feel like they’re stabilising now even without FI intervention

    Can only see this trend continuing building up to the Euros

    It’s great to be gradually getting confidence back after the bungled transition to order books. This was always the goal- that “we” become the market. Bohan said as much in his opening statement “you are the market now”. I’m loving that it’s growing and stabilising under its own momentum- no artificial stimulation and gimmicks needed by FI. Them taking a backward step and not jumping to save the day pre Christmas has worked out nicely. I’ll give them credit for that (if it was intentional 😂) 💪🏻 Long may it continue. This is new era in FI. One in which they are much more financially secure. Yes, our bets have more risk with IS gone, but they can balance it out with future dividends increases now that financial liability has gone. I’m feeling good about 2021 ☀️⚽️

  • @Valhalla agreed ... I do however feel that perhaps an apology and or a new realistic road map would go a long way to boosting confidence.

    Have even been considering popping in another one or two k of my own money ! Been a while since I felt like that.

    Been looking at jumping on a couple of players I won’t name for a while now but their prices are now pretty stable and I think if I wait much longer they will only rise more as we approach the Euros.

    Onwards and upwards 👊

  • @UncleBeard Glad someone is keeping this up, good work UncaB! Posting it in 3 places each day was grinding my gears and the forum was dropped.

  • @TotalPunt Hey, welcome back. You're welcome, I don't mind continuing the trend for as long as I can.

    Is it taken from your twitter page? I have been giving credit to the creator.

  • @UncleBeard Yeah that's my twitter handle but no issues sharing it about, especially here, it's where it all started

  • @TotalPunt very kind of you thanks. In the early days, I used to use it to buy into cheap players with an outside chance of winning PB. So this post has won me a fair few pound in the past.

    So thank you.

  • Update:





  • Also the fixture list has been updated, after all the postponed matches.

  • Latest update:

    Still plenty of games left to play, but the GOAT leading the way, yet again, the guy is a machine, and I am happy to own a few shares in him.

    Kimmich and Parejo have a good base score to work from, I could see both knocking on the door with 3 or more games to go.

    Good to see Alba sitting top of DEF. Akanji has a great base score, I'd expect to see him break into a payout position. Would love to see Hummels break the bunch too, just because I heavily invested in him a few months ago, fingers crossed.

    Good also to see Mancini keeping up with the pack, third month running that I've seen his name in these updates, he looks a good player and pretty young too.

    Happy to see Neuer no where near the top position, haha, but watch that change, manages ridiculous scores, even when conceding.





  • @UncleBeard

    Sancho in a good position too...

  • @Boris999 yes, don't know how I missed that haha

  • Thanks for the update as usual ... always appreciated

    I have to wonder if TOTM will even exist by the end of the month now !!

  • there is talk of Team of The Week. Would be good, but seems unlikely

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