Dividend withdrawal

  • Help please as I'm a complete novice. If I have approx £95.00 Dividends earned on my account how do I either withdraw it or use it to Re invest in more players???

  • The ‘Dividends’ amount you can see is just a total of all of the dividends you’ve won - for your information.

    They are paid daily and appear in your cash balance each morning, so you may have spent them already.

    If not and you’re asking how to withdraw your cash balance, then simply view your portfolio and click on ‘withdraw funds’ on the right of screen on the desktop site or click on the little man symbol and then withdraw on the mobile app.

  • Im not seeing an increase in my cash totals though??

  • @NewUser664224 Just contact customer services by email and they will look into it for you.

  • If you were buying/Selling around the same time as dividends are credited then you may not have noticed them being added.
    If you go to transaction history and scroll down you will see what dividends have been added.

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