Investment in Defenders...

  • Hey Guys

    This area of the Index seems to be the most unpredictable as there is never a defender in the MB running and also there seems to be more defenders in the PB running then ever least with Midfielders and Forwards you can kind of work out who will be up there within the top 3 for the day.

    I only own two defenders...TAA because the CL and also WC and Koulibaly because of the transfer talks but investing in Defenders next season will be a difficult task.

    Let's hear your thoughts on investing in Defenders?



  • I avoid them also because they seem to have a price ceiling. Midfielders are as high as £6 with Pogba and strikers go over £10 but highest defender is probably £3 or so. Mind I got Pavard pretty cheap so hoping he will be worth it.

  • There are a number of defenders who are regularly in PB contention. Otamendi, Kimmich, Koulibaly to name a few. I like to target PB defenders are it is easier (due to their relative cheaper price) to get a lot of shares so will be able to obtain a greater dividend return. For example, you could get 3 x Kimmich for every Kane. In terms of PB, the former has been more consistent than the latter recently.

  • I only hold one defender (De Ligt) as I'm sure he'll rise quite abit in the future.

    As @HUFCPaul says, the most expensive Defender is Kimmich at £2.61 (Well it's actually Sessegnon at £3.32 but he's not really a Defender).

    So the ceiling is low but definitely some value in defenders if you can pick them up cheap enough, just don't expect them to push the £4/5 mark

  • Looking at stats can help predicting PB to an extent too. Goalscoring CBs from teams who keep the ball and pass it around a lot tend to dominate.

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