Top dividend earners in the 20-21 season

  • Spotted this on twitter, put together by @FootyIndex_Talk seems like a sensible thing to post, as we have a fair few newusers asking "who should I put my money into", well here are some top options:





  • @UncleBeard ...Very useful ...even to an FI long termer... Messi, wow .. now passed 100% profit simply through divs on him ..happy days.. thanks again for posting.

  • I purchased him about 2 months ago maybe, and I have 23.12% on an average cost of £5.27 (which is quite high considering he has been £4 something not so long ago). I can't tell you how much of a difference it is to regularly log on to see money sitting to be spent, he is the first I've had that gives me decent money to play with.

    A lot on this list have to do with Bronze days, there are certain teams that have had 2 or 3 already, and there are teams with 2 bronze days in a row soon, this certainly makes it easier to win PB with few players to compete against.

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