Easier platform to make money

  • This is definitely the easiest way to make money “gambling” buy Bruno Messi etc and a steady stream of money coming in. Been years betting and recently tried footstock, I might have bang my head off the wall trying to make money off footstock, costs a fortune too to for contest fees.

  • the danger with all the money piling into a handful of players on football index is that if they get injured or retire all the money gets stuck in them

    otherwise i agree footstock is hard work , there's a clique of very early adopters who have got the whole system patterned and constantly seem to top the leaderboards in tournements

    different game to FI .....but same P2P principal

  • I think they always top the leaderboards coz they just enter multiple teams and they’ve big collections. It costs at least 10k and a big cash balance to make any money out of it.

  • @NewUser332703 it’s like arbitrage betting really to win consistently

  • @thelossadjustor well I’d say buy the 10 top guys, usually if one of those gets injured anyway they’ll win media a fair bit, with kimmich and Bruno relatively young they’ll recover from the injury and be back to the price you bought

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