A shit load of goals

  • I am now in need of a shit load of goals from a handful of players in the next 30 days

    Positive moving forward I guess, and can’t wait to see the new trading incentives..... but for now, into the dark again for a month

    Could have given a little more notice .... will probably need another 6 months of dividend wins to cover some of my port who will probably be rendered useless

  • @Three-lions Looking like a mass sell off , sales are flying through never seen it move so fast,

  • The big thing is they left peoples buy orders based on IPD on the market to be taken. Now the IPD are removed the value has completely change (downwards). So they are taking a loss they could not have seen coming and taking on a different bet than they offered when they put the offer in.

    In some cases these offers where taken so quickly that they had no chance to take their offers down. Even if they where online.

    If this was needed it shouldn't have been done with so little notice and with people again forced to take a loss and hold the bag for FI to make a change they want to make.

    Particularly when Some Users where informed about it before others!

    So the lesson to this story is NEVER put in a buy offer? Is that really the signal they want to send to the whole userbase? Particularly to the people who where depositing to put buy offers in?

  • @Toptom the lesson is dont put money into a product run by cowboys who don't have a clue what they are doing and change the terms every month

  • I also love the timing of removal of IPDs just before the heavy fixtures return in February when European football resumes !!

  • @Three-lions said in A shit load of goals:

    I am now in need of a shit load of goals from a handful of players in the next 30 days

    Yeah. I need Suarez to score 33 goals in the next 30 days.

  • Came home from work and all my bids had been matched, The players I had brought were now cheaper to buy on buy now..

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