In play dividends return

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  • Since the Sunday crash and the constant moving of the goal posts ......

    It’s taken me hours upon hours of hard work, spread sheets, 30 day tracking of purchases and reinvesting £2.1K dividends.

    Aa direct result of FIs lack of tinkering and shit comes over December and the new year, the market seemed to have found its own stability.

    For the first time in a long time, I felt comfortable enough to invest 2K of my own money once again.

    I had tracked my dividend percentages earned for About 8 weeks and done a few of my own predicted returns based on this .... leaving out any cap appreciation.

    It looked quite Rosey

    First time i’ve put more of my own cash in for ages.

    We haven’t seen the proposed new game rules yet, so this could still be positive for the future, and I’m certain it will be.

    But for now I have ( as I’m sure most people do, ) a section of my portfolio purchased with confidence off the back of the above screen shot.

    30 days notice and it’s shit implication from FI have for now rendered these players useless ( hopefully temporarily ) as I have no way of refreshing about half of them that have already run out and have zero bids on them to refresh and take advantage of the 30 day period.

    That for me this is just fucking out of order.

    Just as it was out of order when they removed IS for traders.

    I now find it impossible to trade in any way until we know what the plans are.

    I hope this doesn’t mean another 3/4 months of re adjusting my portfolio and another 2K of re invested dividends, just to get back to square one again, with a relevant portfolio of players suiting the existing game rules and at a price where they reflect current player values enabling me to trade in and out when required.

  • @Three-lions this is the level of the company we're dealing with.

    Theyre either completely inept, massively corrupt, or they've over spent and are desperate for money.

    I'm not sure which is worse. But it's one of the three.

  • @Three-lions said in In play dividends return:

    Aa direct result of FIs lack of tinkering and shit comes over December and the new year, the market seemed to have found its own stability.

    Do you know what markets like, stability and uncertainty, do you know what markets hate, change and uncertainty.

    Now if IPD's were having a negative impact on the market (I'm not convinced they were) or were costing FI too much money (I think this is closer to the truth, they'd become way too profitable given how cheap players had become) they needed to go, so the change part was inevitable. What avoidable was the uncertainty part. FI should have announced the replacement for IPD's at the same time they announced they were scrapping IPD's. Failing to do so was bound to result in a mass sell off of IPD players, crashing part of the market, which given how fragile confidence was, was bound to crash other parts of the market. I can therefore draw one of three conclusions:

    1. FI deliberately caused this uncertainty to crash the market, hoping for short term profit from the big sell off.
    2. FI's understanding of the market and their product is so poor that they didn't realise it would crash the market (I find this one hard to believe as it is so obvious).
    3. FI's don't have a clue what they plan to replace IPD's with but their need to remove them was so desperate that they couldn't wait to until they'd worked it out to remove them.

    I can't think of any other reason why it would be done this way, frankly none of those three options are good news.

  • To be honest, I’m starting to think my money will be stuck in here forever ..... every time I re adjust to suit the newly moved goal posts ( and work out a new exit strategy ) they just move them again !

    You have to accept their new terms and conditions every time with no alternative.

    Then they just repeat the process time after time leaving you with no other choice but to re invest your dividends or take a massive loss and leave.

    If I adjust my portfolio again this month following the announcement of new divs, why should I believe this won’t change again in a couple of months time ?

    I’m now recalling a scene in the Wolf of Wall Street .... sitting at the table with Leonardo telling him about fairy dust ..... Fugazi Fugazi

    Keep them re investing and take the only real tangible profit ...... the commission

    Im thinking at this stage that I’m going to require luck not football knowledge to get on top.

    The gambler in me wants to stay and believes this is going to pay off

    The voice in my head says that I’m only getting out of this with profit if I stick this out probably till around the World Cup and rely on new users losing there money to me

  • @Three-lions said in In play dividends return:

    To be honest, I’m starting to think my money will be stuck in here forever ..... every time I re adjust to suit the newly moved goal posts ( and work out a new exit strategy ) they just move them again !

    How long before we start to see people who are complaining about being stuck with IPD players being told by other users on this forum "It's your fault for making crap buys". It's impossible to know what's a good buy and what's a bad buy when the rules change so often and with such short notice.

  • @GeoffS agree with all of this .... for the record, I’m selling nothing presently and am hopeful the changes will be good, though it’s hard to see how a vast section of the players on the market will be worth anything.

    I was pulling in about £200 a week in dividends ... about 75% of that was IPDs so I’m going to take another hit this month ..... not even going to look at the players prices right now as they are for me totally irrelevant as the market once again craps its pants and trades in the dark.

    I’m so exhausted by all of this now .... I was just starting to enjoy FI again having wrapped my head around the changes and worked out a strategy

  • I went keeper heavy and was making great progress with IPD now I’m stuck with them for the moment,not selling for half the price they can suck my plums.

  • @Three-lions

    Yes exhausted is exactly how I feel about it as well. I'm not selling either but I won't be putting any more cash in.

    After selling 75% of my portfolio when order books came in I'd put in £5K over the last month and a half as I felt the market was about to turn and sentiment was improving. That's all been undone with one terrible piece of comms.

  • @GeoffS think I said earlier .... but for me, I’m buying and selling nothing now. It’s become clear to me IMO that it’s safer just to sit on the players you believe in, stop paying FI their commission and see if we get lucky.

    There is still huge potential this could make us all good profits ......

    There’s the gambler in me sounding off again !!

    I’m not even excited about today’s football now

    I’m just hoping I get some gold day divs to stem my losses ...... I don’t even care which of my players or for what team. I’d quite happily see Robertson score a hat Rick against my beloved UTD in a weeks time ( as long as Bruno gets four ! )

    How sad is that !!

  • @Three-lions I totally agree with people's frustration but for me you have hit the nail on the head in a way, I've barely changed anything about my port in 9 months I've just slowly been topping up on 2 players in the hope that cap app would eventually return, now we don't know what the index plan to implement but I think fair is fair and we should give the new CEO a chance hear, he has taken away something alot of short term traders love but at the cost of potential cap app as all you ever got was players jumping on and off them so cap app never took of for them. The index have said you want cap app to the come back and that's a big part I feel of their advertising, buy player X for £1 sell him for £2, it's easier to push than buy player X for 30p hopefully he scores you get 2p and then recycle. For me I enjoyed the index more before ipds. There are a few users that spout alot of shit on this forum just to cause panic and they know exactly who they are. I for one will give the index one last crack at this to get it right, and I think they know they need to get it right this time

  • @MUFC well said

  • @MUFC said in In play dividends return:

    efully he scor

    100% agree that the index was more enjoyable when IPD werent a factor which was so heavily relied on...i had much more enjoyment from the CA and was gutted when this dissapeared. i'm not saying removing IPD's will definatley change this, but i do feel it now has a better chance of returning to where it was and adhering to the slogan 'whats your football knowledge worth' rather than by encouraging punters to adopt a game by game strategy

  • Not knowing what is going to replace IPD is criminal.

    Do I sell my IPD players now at a 25% loss or hang on hoping the new announcement will be positive, but risk losing 100% in 30 days time. It is not investment, it isn't even an informed gamble, it is a lottery. No one knows what the bet is - apart from FI and possibly a few big players.

    If the big customers know what is coming, they will be mopping up the best players at bargain prices. It is not a level playing field.

  • @Three-lions
    I've been doing the same as you since the last crash, trying to rebuild and rescue my port by adapting my type of trading to the current market. Short term flips timed correctly for small CA and Ipds. It was starting to work too, just about got it back to break even point until this announcement. This will once again leave more than half my port worthless because they have changed the rules once again. Ipd players have already dropped in price meaning taking a loss to sell now but is it worth hanging on to them? We don't know because they haven't told us what their plans are.
    Have they planned to crash the market again, to gain the commission from all the panic selling to pay for the '30 days' notice of Ipds?
    I don't know how they can keep getting away with changing the rules on this platform when people have invested thousands. Small changes you'd expect but not changes that drastically impact the value of your portfolio!

  • It’s become a bit like pinning the tail on the donkey ..... blindfolded obviously

    I don’t know if to stick or twist with a few holds I have

    This has really pissed me off .... again !

  • @G27 definitely, the ipds I think encouraged the person who likes a instant win to come on board which is fine, but I think the index was originally set up as a long term gamble hence the 3 year bet attached, I really enjoyed hearing about a youth player or a rumour or a gut instinct telling you this player is good and it coming to fruition and making a nice profit. I think maybe a good idea could be to potentially scrap ipds and introduce a new league, potentially Dutch league as you have a few decent teams and players in Ajax, psv, Alkmaar, feyenoord

  • @MUFC
    I think you may well be correct in your thinking about a new league being added to the top 5, choice between Dutch and Portuguese,in my thinking. a chance for FI to add 100 or so IPOs far more money for FI in IPOs than buy/sell commission
    I,'ll take my chances on a few players in these leagues over the next few days with divs

  • @NewUser489707 More players. That will go down well 🙄

  • Banned

    This company has become an absolute joke.

    It's a 3 year bet they say......

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