Worthless shares

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  • @Shaun442 I agree, although I am more concerned about my mid price shares.

    I have Raul Garcia at 7p, so he might actually return a few IPD and pay most of his cost back. He has already earnt me 4p IPD this month.

    I'm more concerned about Luis Suarez who I bought for 66p the day before the announcement. Mo Salah at £2.17 is also looking like a pile of shite now.

    Spent most of the afternoon preparing a new spreadsheet and re-evaluating everyone based on lack of IPD and resale value.

    I currently hold 30 players, I think Ronaldo (£2.70) Lewandowski (£2.05), Kroos (£2.01) and Son (£1.73) are the only ones with any prospects now. Might as well hold until the rest of my shite is sold.

    I'll probably hold Martial (94p), Benzema (63p), Suarez (66p) and Salah (£2.17) as they are outside once in a lifetime PB chances. Hope to get star man or TOTM and then sell.

    Lacazette (44p), Garcia (7p), Dzeko (28p), Klich (18p) might be worth holding for 30 days. Might be worth hoping for a few IPD to offset the inevitable loss.

    The rest (Lopez 8p, Dragovic 27p, Montoro 7p, Robinson 15p, Unal 17p, Gylfi Sig 28p, Maguire 80p, Jay Rodriguez 18p, Ayew 11p, Spinnazola 34p, Luis Muriel 63p, Keane 24p, Soldardo 22p, N'Zonzi 21p, Pina 16p) all have a chance of IPD and were easy to sell on a spike at the prices I have them at (mostly green until yesterday). Some might get 1 or 2 x IPD this month, but probably better to sell at any price while I still can.

  • I can only think the best way is waiting until halfway through next season and let our players get 20 games,and see if this app still has any upside.Trouble is im probably like a lot of others,ive virtually zero patience,some people can put money in multiple accounts,deposit money,do long term bets then completely forget about them for six months.I suppose we should all just be more patient but im no good at that unfortunately.

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