How long to sell?

  • New user here. I put Cavani up for sale a few hours ago. I assumed he'd sell right away given that he's quite cheap and has a tasty World Cup group.

    How long do you normally find it takes to sell a player?

    Thanks for reading.

  • I've had a player for sale for 4 or 5 days before and they haven't sold

  • @NewUser147984

    Welcome to the club mate.

    You will have loads of lessons to learn on the platform. I suggest reading up on these forums.

    There are lots of ways to make money, but even more ways to lose money. Many of which you won't realise until you actually get stung.

    In relation to selling Cavani, he is sitting in an invisible 'sell queue'. There might be several other users ahead of you in the queue.

    I know this might sound obvious, but in order for Cavani to sell, another user will have to buy him. You need to think 'Will the market want to buy Cavani at this moment in time'??

    The answer is unlikely. A bit of research on the player shows that he is likely to miss tonights game against Caen.

    It's all about buying and selling at the right time.

    You have the option of 'instant sell' which can be a great tool if used effectively. The key point to consider is, if you instant sell, the money goes into the pockets of the football index company, and not back into the market/other users. So the money is lost.

    Hopefully this all makes sense.

    Good luck,

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