Rumour has it...

  • We've had these sort of "leaks" before where they've not been the final news, but whether that's due to being made up completely or FI putting feelers out and reacting to feedback we don't know... Anyway, heres a so called "leak" about possible IPD replacement:


  • It’s not terrible. But if defenders are score on clean sheets in a separate category with the tie break being youngest player wins, then older defenders are next to worthless.

    Where does this leave older keepers?

    Player like EBH should rocket.

  • Sound cool .... I’m sure they will fuck it up and change it in 30 days !

  • @Frank-Mole-Pepys yeh not sure how it's work for defenders as the whole team defence will get same amount if clean sheets

  • I think it could work if it's well thought out, and the payouts are high, but If it's monthly and the payouts are a low as TOTM it's not going to be good enough to keep people on the platform.

    We're talking about replacing something in ipds where people have been winning in some cases 20p+ a month with multiple players, they replace that with one 10p winner, a 3p and a 1p it's not gonna cut it.

    Also its going to lead to a huge number of players on the same amounts of goals / assists / clean sheets, so I'm not seeing how it's going to work. If they pay them all out, maybe, if as mentioned above there's some unsatisfactory tie breaker mechanism like age, that's just going to piss everyone off.

  • I just hope they don't reduce the first place value, but paying out on 3 places for each position would bring some value to the "95%" of the market.

  • Maybe any tie breaks should be based on PB average ?

  • Whatever they bring in they should make sure lower value players have something that can keep pushing their price forward into the next price brackets

  • Hi @Westy .
    Do you have a link to the FI breakaway forum?

  • @Dronny-Gaz sorry no, not a member, think im one people dont want in

  • @Dronny-Gaz said in Rumour has it...:

    Hi @Westy .
    Do you have a link to the FI breakaway forum?

    You can ask @Black-Wolf nicely for an invite.

  • @Black-Wolf @Ericali @Baydog @Geronimo159387 @ocs123 I’ve obviously been taking a lot of heat on here, by supporting the removal of IPD’s in the last few days. But below is FI Dunwells take on things, who puts it far more succinctly and eloquently than I ever could:

  • This post is deleted!

  • That’s why pogba is a safe bet 😂😂

  • @Valhalla We're in opposing camps in terms of IPD's, but the nail has been hit on the head in that the only way they can make money is from minting new shares and commission.
    IPD's were generating plenty of commision.
    The only way they can mint new shares is either with IPO's (too many is counter productive) or a big rise in the market.
    The problem with Covid is no doubt a lot of players probably sold up because no football was taking place, plus obvious demands for cash elsewhere woth jobs drying up, etc.
    You would hope FI had enough banked to ride this out for a year or two when plauers would come back, unfortunately they have panicked.
    Order books were needed, what wasn't needed was another intervention just as they are marketing again.
    If they don't bring in fresh blood the the site is doomed,. If ghey want that injection, then stop ficking around with it when it's on the rise..
    Most importantly now is get this next announcement right, so they can take the losses for a sustained period, because no matter what they do, short of saying there will be no dividends paid until a certain date and starting again, they are going to haemorrhage money until they get players in at the level they were previously, and more.

  • I honestly don't even know what i'm gambling on these days with FI but having a few quid locked into the system (all profit luckily from the early growth of the company) i'm willing to rather than cash out at a few grand loss on last years heights, hold it and see what happens in the future... Even If I don't necessarily believe it bodes well?

    In principle i like the TOTM idea... BUT B*TCH PLEASE GIVE ME STATISTICS as the toughest aspect to follow the already confusing mechanism is to not even know how or where to start in getting the kind of information that makes up the players scores each weekend? Ok we have great forum contributors that share this in order(ish) but do we have a comprehensive system that statistically provides 'EVERY' score during a month of a player so that we can all easily define the top performing players thus invest in them heavily to prosper? I don't think so... Although i think the FI data centre is very good (and very well hidden)... perhaps charging a monthly amount for this kind of information to paying members, could be one way to lower FI's own financial risk?

    Other than the TOTM though, I think FI needs 'MORE' as we've seen the IPDs slip out of existence.... a team of the week for me could work really well (Mon to Sun), that way FI still only pays on eleven players per week (instead of hundreds via IPDS) and we get a rounded chance each weekend of those who don't usually top team of the month, to at least make some money for folk on players in their portfolios? just think when Levante have back to back home games against relegation fodder as everybody else only plays just once that week and their star players prosper with growth!!! Just like the old days???

    Otherwise TOTM will probably feature Neuer, Kimmich, Bruno, Kroos, Messi, and five or six others each month, swallowing the index's depth with every pass, assist, goal and clean sheet a major force in Europe has!

    One last saving grace???? I've lost count how many times i've said that!!!!

  • @Valhalla said in Rumour has it...:

    @Black-Wolf @Ericali @Baydog @Geronimo159387 @ocs123 I’ve obviously been taking a lot of heat on here, by supporting the removal of IPD’s in the last few days. But below is FI Dunwells take on things, who puts it far more succinctly and eloquently than I ever could:

    Literally everything these Podcast wankers do and say is always 100% without exception to feather their own nest. Don't know why anyone would be gullible enough to follow them. More than likely one of the select few who've demanded this change and had insider knowledge all along.

  • @Valhalla

    Well my friend, the community needs negative voices as much as positive voices.

    The big irony is that all of the people you have tagged have been some of the most positive voices on here during recent times.

    Several of us criticised @Dan-The-Man for being the negative voice on here when he was badly hit by the IS removal. He was a positive poster prior to that round of changes. He is now one of the more positive posters on here again.

    Perhaps in a few months time one of us will be here telling you to stop being so negative because the latest change has been good to us but impacted you and your angry because not long ago you were sticking up for them and have been made to feel foolish.

    This is unfortunately the nature of the beast, I have learned it is best to keep a diverse port and hope when the next change is made as many will go up as down.

    There is now an added layer of risk with divs being stopped and changed on short notice, so hopefully whatever they come up with will compensate for that sufficiently with a new div structure and vastly improved bid support, and the platform can move forward.

    We all want the best for the platform and it is in all of our interests for it to succeed, But if they keep upsetting the positive customer base then as your post proves, they will quickly become vocal members of the negative customer base.

  • @Valhalla look I understand why people think what they do as look at the surface of it but the reality of it is a bit different and now a little time has past that reality i laid out has started to show.

    Theres no disputing it. Did the volume of orders and liquidity thin? Yes

    Did the top end start to fall do to this? Yes

    But wait a minute everyone said remove IPDs and the money will move into the PB/MB players. Is that happening? No

    Why not? Because the only way money does that is if dividends are reinvested because the liquidity has been removed, no one can trade.

    On the plus side it seems to have settled a bit today bit the more time that passes without a replacement for IPDs and an incentive to trade the more the downward pressure across the market will build

  • @Valhalla

    Unfortunately all the market signals indicate that FI Dunwells is wrong. Prices down across the board - whether they are premium, mid-priced or cheap players. More players without bids now than a week ago. The Footie is down.

    Even if FI's next announcement kicks the market back into life, we now have to live with the very real risk that any dividend can be removed at 30 days notice which, in an Order Books-world where bids dry up within a few seconds of bad news being released, is a big concern.

    MB or PB could be removed with just 30 days notice. This makes holding any player extremely risky.

    For me, valuations will need to be based on a player's likely dividend yield over the next 30 days (rather than 3 years), as that is the only period anyone can guarantee. This makes a massive difference to the inherent value of every future.

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