• Like everyone else on this platform, I am losing a small fortune. I realise the subject has probably been covered elsewhere, but is there anyone out there who can explain the purpose of the "benchmark" column in my portfolio?

    Many thanks

  • There's different ways of valuing your portfolio now. You can change the method in your Account Settings. Your 4 options are :

    1. Buy Price
    2. Mid Price (average of the Buy/Sell Price)
    3. 90 Day Traded Average (average value of shares traded in the player over the past 3 months)
    4. Average All Offers (the average of all open offers on the players - which is different to the Buy Price which is determined by the lowest 900 offers on the player)

    The merits (or otherwise) of each option have been debated on here quite a bit so you'll probably get an idea on which one to use. I go for Buy Price because I'm lazy and I've always done it that way even though I recognise its an optimistic valuation. Most folk on here seem to go for Mid Price which is a bit more realistic.

  • there is no point in it , FI conjured it up to make people belive their portfolio values are ok when in reality they are just haemorrhaging money

    your players are worth the highest bid available that is it .

    if theres no bid they are worth nothing ( which accounts for 60% of the players on there )

  • Thank you, gentlemen, for your replies. As you can imagine, I am none the wiser. I was rather hoping that I might rid myself of the feeling that I had been royally stitched up! Hey ho!

  • There is very little point in putting an overall value on your port, if you joined in the last year look at your deposits and and then divide by 2 and you'll be somewhere in the ball park.

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