Time will tell

  • The prices have reduced to all time lows due to orderbooks and spiraling caused by panic, 900 shares dictating and fighting to sell.

    with the increased advertising bringing new users and the old faithful who understand this is a creative genius idea continually buying shares from the sellers will we eventually get to a point where the buyers and believers own enough shares to start pushing the market on?Will we get to a point were the sellers crawl back when they see risers or will the new users start selling b4 this, although i dont see why they would as prices cant get much lower


  • @kaka8

    Prices shouldn't go much lower for the top 200 at least, as they represent strong dividend potential (provided dividends aren't lowered) that said I can't see them rising anytime soon. Too many people want out of the platform so any short termnprice rises are gobbled up by sellers who then withdraw their money and prices get depressed again.

  • Generally markets operate on confidence. Everything that FI does to undermine confidence in its own product takes an enormous effort to correct.

    Removing IS and IPDs in particular really affects people confidence that FI can not only change things massively but they are also prone to cocking up the announcements.

    In all walks of life reputations are hard earned and easily damaged.

    I sense that if we experience rises there are a lot of traders who feel trapped at the moment and cheated by FI so will withdraw their money as soon as the can find a good exit point.

    This leaves FI in a bind. To regain confidence they need to get the IPD replacement right first time.

    I think FI want a rising market. They will make far more money IPOing players into a healthy market. But there is a gulf between wanted a rising market and them having the tools to bring that about.

  • There may be a rise when FI make their next announcement, but there is some money looking to exit the market after FI’s latest shenanigans, so I think that rise will be followed by another dip.

    It could be the Summer until we see sustainable rises and then we’re into the time when FI normally make new announcements, which could include matrix changes, media reviews, etc, and may result in the next upheaval.

    One thing you can guarantee is that FI won’t leave the market alone for even 6 months without changes.

  • How do you make out that these are all time lows?

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