How does this work?

  • I'm very new to FI just started a few days ago and was wondering if anyone could explain how this works. I've just been watching the Manchester City game and Sterling has scored the winner and been sent off and his price hasn't moved even slightly. Also when Dembele signed for Barcelona nothing happened to his price yet Zlatan signs for Man Utd and his price jumps up! Was just wondering if anyone could explain this for me?

  • Take a look at the buzz section - Sterling is third in media buzz & up to 6th in performance. A trader has to own the player for 24 hours before they get dividends though. If a player is starting games & playing well his price is likely to rise.

  • There are basically two ways to make money on Football Index.

    1. You buy players who you think will either attract media attention (earning you lots of media buzz dividends), perform really well on the pitch (earning you lots of performance buzz dividends), or both.

    2. You buy players who you think other traders will buy to earn themselves dividends. As every 100 shares sold results in a 1p increase on price, you hope to be ahead of the curve, to have bought low and be able to sell higher for profit.

    So even though Sterling performed well today, clearly traders did not think that at his current price he would deliver good buzz returns. Whereas they have decided that Zlatan represents a good prospect for earning dividends.

  • @playingcards1 Thanks pal think I'm getting the hang of it now

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