Buy n Sell same player at same time?

  • Is it ever going to be possible to have bids in to buy and sell at the same price?

    For example, I may want to buy player x at £1.50 but also have some shares available to sell @ 1.30. Very frustrating at the moment only being able to do one or the other.

  • @NewUser21510 If you're willing to buy some shares in a player for £1.50 at the same time as having shares on sale for the same player at £1.30, just remove the shares for sale from the market and you've effectively 'bought' those shares and saved 20p per share in the process. Or perhaps you had another objective in mind ;-)

  • This would effectively make us market makers and a huge positive IMO

  • It should already be can do it on FS with no issue, nice way to churn trickle income sometimes...e.g. a player on FI right now Im buying around 50p and can sell around 60-70p on match days... but I have to keep cancelling bids to do the offers, pain in the arse...I don't know why they don't let us. As @Rich-A says, wed provide a lot of liquidity doing this.

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