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  • Can anyone who follows Italian football give me an honest review on Sandro Tonali?

  • Not good enough at PB. No MB potential. All round, not a great hold for FI.

  • @Valhalla he still is only 20 but seems erratic when I’ve watched handful of times. Surely will go above £1 share?

  • wow! a football question!!!!

    I like him, I liked him at Brescia and he's done reasonably well at Milan who for me have exceeded expectation this season, he's very decent in possession and works hard off the ball and should have a big future in the game at national level too, problem is you wouldn't have him in your fantasy football team... and you wouldn't have him on FI simply down to the position he plays.

    He's 0.65 which is reasonably low risk, and although i'm not sure on his PB statistics he's certainly not a goalscoring midfielder which does hold him back from giving you a reasonable chance of midfield matchday dividends...

    I think he'll stay at Milan for a year or two yet (at least) which means he'll not have much chance at Media Buzz and wonder if he does get interest from a Premier League club, would it be a quick spike that soon falls again?

    For me like in fantasy football, FI deals defensive orientated midfielders a harsh hand as he does very good work and is a very good player, but perhaps not sexy enough for investors to want to outlay big bucks on?

  • Not necessarily. Frankie de jong is a similar golden boy, who just isn’t enough of a goal threat to get the big scores needed to win PB. Both great talents- but both poor for FI.
    Ascensio by comparison, who is only 24 and a far more PB suitable player (but struggles for consistent game time) is only 60p at the moment. So I would say no, unless he has a position change (unlikely) or an irrational “hype train” develops. Which you can never rule out on FI.

  • At the minute he has the issue of competing with Hakan in the Pb stakes, and most things seem to go through him. Long term (5 years in the future) he might be great, huge potential.

  • @Ecniv Interesting point.... when I invest i always opt for 'that teams' best dividend prospect (as well as their best young star or most prolific player)... so you look at Milan and you compare Tonali who has to compete with Hakan, Kessie, Castillejo, Rebic (when plays) in midfield... so perhaps better prospects in the same position will score higher each week on ave.

    As Zlatan is best returner of all for Milan perhaps, I would actually probably pump for Rafael Leao who is a forward that could get a move, and one that (until last week) would bring in the odd IPD.. priced at 0.79 it's comparable to Tonali and is much likely to 'excite' fresh investors later down the line with goals and transfer buzz...

    If you want long term steady returners... Theo Hernandez and Donnaruma lead the way but I wouldn't pay up to 1.84 on a left back unless it was Andy Robertson of Liverpool... I certainly think through growth, Tonali can make you a profit, but it might be a slow burner, whilst someone like Leao could double in value much quicker?

  • @Valhalla frenkie won pb a few times, koeman seems to be playing him in the wijnaldum holland role, so a goal threat is rising, could be a decent shot at the price, especially if he does add more goals, but could easily be a shot in the dark

  • @Finlay77 he’s still too deep. Which is such a waste, as he has played further up the pitch and been a terrific player. Hopefully he can become more Bruno/Kimmich. He’s defo good enough.

  • @NewUser620315 in terms of football is definitely a good prospect.

    You might question however how come that he has not been able to play with continuity with AC Milan, which despite their performances have quite a debatable lineup...

    As someone else already said, good for football not so much for fantasy football...

    In terms of FI, with the old system you might have wanted him ahead of the curve waiting for performance and the usual hype to pick up in the next couple of years. In the current environment which favors proven dividend winner (and by favor I mean they have less of a tendency to drop like stones) I’d rather stay clear of him.

  • @Kozo-Kira 👍🏻 Might look at rodrygo at Madrid. Similar price

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