• Appealing to the those whose in the ways of Dutch football. Who would you say looks likely to make their way over to a PB league next season? I've been dabbling in Gravenberch and Boadu but I would be interested and grateful to hear some cultured perspectives on the league's talent.

  • @NewUser469373 gravenberch is good,think he will have another season at least in Ajax, if he did move I think it would be one or 2 transition seasons due to his age

  • @NewUser469373 I'd check out andre mass got sum real talent that guy

  • As this is a Dutch topic, someone give an opinion on donyell malen? Is he worthy on FI

  • I like and hold Gravenberch but the problem with these Dutch kids at Ajax they seem to stay 3/4 years before leaving at the ripe old age of 20 so he may be there a little while yet until a big PB league move (in which time the Eredevisie itself might be added as one by FI??)...

    I would say Malen is the man that most looks like getting a Premier League move to me... when I say Premier League, i think West Ham, Newcastle, that kind of club... Also of PSV I do like Denzel Dumfries who is a full back I think would suit the English game, Antony, the Brazilian at Ajax and Lisandro Martinez I expect big things from in years to come... AZ Alkmaar have a couple of players i really like though, Koopmeiners, Stengs, De Wit, Boadu, Karlsson... I'm not even sure if they are all on FI yet but all could go on to bigger and better things!

  • @dannypea

    The added bonus with Malen is that because he was an Arsenal's academy, if he does get a move to another Premier League club and is a success you're guaranteed a few extra media points every time that team plays Arsenal, especially if he scored the winner or something.

    Not going to amount to much but might be enough to clinch a win or two over a three year period.

  • @GeoffS I'm not sure that will hold much relevance on the grand scheme of things but I wasn't aware he had a spell there... maybe taking a leap out of Serge Gnabry's books hey? Quite astonishing these days how many good young players have youth connections in England, a lot for example have played for Man City... makes you wonder how they entice these young boys over???

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