How can I sell!?

  • Can someone please explain to me what the benchmark price is?
    I’ve not been on here much for a long time since the whole thing has seemed like a massive con for a long time. I still have a what they say is a four figure sum but if I actually wanted to sell them it looks like I’d get buggar all back!
    Can someone please explain to me what has happened and how I can if possible, get my money back.
    E.g-I have shares in Son, Foden and Kevin DB who’s shares have apparently risen lots (benchmark) but if I try to sell I’d get pennies and it’s even worse on other shares.

  • @NewUser64644

    On second thoughts. I’m pretty sure I won’t get a suitable response as most people have either given up on their money or the people writing Positive things I can only assume are paid to do so.

    I wonder if anyone has reported them as it seems like a con to me.

    Has anyone?

  • Wait

    you've been on this Forum and FI for FORTY-THREE MONTHS

    but don't understand how to sell or what has been happening to the markets during Covid


    Just WOW

    43 MONTHS

  • I'm not trying to troll you here, but as you joined in June 2017

    Since then you should have seen plenty of CAP on your players

    then a share-split
    intro of IPDs
    doubling of dividends

    When did you buy Son ?

    Feb 20 he was 2.06 Aug 1.90 Today 1.92 Even taking an IS at 1.79 tonight you shouldn't be losing money

    KDB you may have paid £5 for if near peak, but you can get near to £4 now and he has earned 25% of that in commission

    I thought you were trolling with your post. Back in Nov you were slating the company, tonight you ask a question then reply to yourself thats in all a con

    If you want help / advice maybe pop up some players and the price you bought at and I'm sure you'll get some help

  • Maybe I’m missing something! How do I get £4 for KDB!?
    I have 16 at £2.35 average and it says I can get £2.85.

    I can assure you that I’m not trolling and used to really like the idea of the platform but my portfolio has been obliterated.

  • If you could also explain/remind me about the whole bet expiring thing so you actually loose all your money! Does that still happen and why haven’t they made it easy for you to tell how long you’ve held the players for? Will they just disappear from your portfolio?

    I’d sale them all now if I could but it’s just not an option as the prices are so low or it’s actually impossible to sell. And the shares may even completely vanish! Now maybe I’m missing something but if not then it sounds like a massive con.
    I hope I’m wrong and you can correct me.


  • @NewUser64644 You ain't gonna get any suitable answers to a totally pointless thread.

  • @NewUser64644

    I'll take you as being genuine. Let's try to help

    Are you looking at sell & Buy or clicking on DEPTH and looking at the offers ?

    KDB has Bids (people wanting to buy at £3.15

    okay...that's Not £4. BUT, it depends on what you paid for him if thats a sound deal for you or not ?
    He won Star Man last night, so there's dividends earned right there, which in a way, takes away some of your loss if you have to sell lower than you bought at.
    Best Offer (selling price) is 3.25 I'm pretty sure if you list at 3.20 you'll sell your shares

    so you've 3.20 + what you've earned in dividends to take into account.

    Son is 1.59 1.75 but most value him at 1.81
    He earned 73p in shares last year. ....about 40% of his selling price.

    Spurs play Sheff Utd at the weekend, City play Palace.

    If you really want to get out of them I'd suggest keep an eye on those games, and list for sale during the game - esp if either scores or are looking good for PB score.

    But......if Son has earned 40% in dividends in a year, and KDB 25%+ then on a 3 year bet they are both good holds and you'll get your £ back in dividends alone.

    Anyone else you want advice on ? I'm no guru but I'll try and I'm sure others will help

  • As i've said DOES depend on when you bought

    but clearly some of your players have plenty of Bids on you Can sell. To say you cannot is simply wrong.

    The 3 year of today NO shares have ever been 'wiped' due to being 3 years old. I Do expect that to change but there will be notice if and when shares start to be time-stamped.

    You can download your trade history as a file, paste into excel then filter by name / date etc IF you want to. But as I said, none are going anywhere just yet.

    The Qs you're asking do sound like trolling, and I think that's why you're getting no replies

  • Erm


    'Here's my port'

    Tbought you were trolling. Tried to help. Priven my gut feeling was rigjt

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