FI Squads tournament

  • Was this announced? Never heard of it before today and can’t see anything official anywhere. Are they doing this every weekend?

  • @Specksynder was announced on twitter as a replacement to the div predictor. Hasnt been confirmed that it's a regular thing but imo it will be, the question is whether theyll use it to link in to your port somehow or just as a side game sort of thing

  • @Ddr
    Doubt they’ll link it if it’s a twitter thing - not everyone chooses to go on Twitter

  • It's not just a twitter thing. I'm not on twitter and ive entered. Saw the announcement through the app and entered through the app.

  • I've just noticed it on the app.
    Obviously too late now to enter.
    Never received a notification at all about this🤔

  • that was posted 2 hours ago with only an hour to react...just noticed there....

    f.i, could you not have announced this on the app with more than an hour to go, utter contempt for app users.

    if this is a trial run for replacement of ipds you can stick yer product f.i...utter joke.

    i was annoyed after brown sunday and my feelings regarding this pile of poo have been confirmed.

    Ponzi scheme....

    solve all these issues by :

    *re instate instant sell
    *cap the market ( confetti shares)
    *more comms with regular updates...positive sentiment is everything just without new users!

    address the above ^^ and the big money will come back...make your money from IPOs and 2% commision.

    stupid little competitions (not even linked to your bet) wont paper over any cracks here...

    sorry boys ive had enough,...just want IS back and ill be gone

  • It's nothing to do with the removal of IPDs. It's just a fun little side competition, they've been running similar things for a while

  • There are lots of reasons to feel annoyed with FI over the last 10 months, but I’m not sure this little minor comp is one of them. The prizes are minimal and the chances of winning even lower, so you’re not missing out on much if you didn’t see the poorly advertised link.

  • @NewUser433035 What are you on about?!? I saw it advertised on through the app 2 days ago and signed up through the app yesterday!

    That isn't 2 hours before entry closes!

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