Football Index Scout is no longer free

  • Football Index Scout is no longer free :(

    FI Scout was one of my favourite things about Football Index and not only have they started charging but they have also removed their excel spreadsheet format, meaning those of us that have been using it must start back at square one.

    If the free data hadn't of been there when I first started out then I certainly wouldn't have deposited as much money as I have to date. I strongly believe the data was good for attracting new customers and I'm saddened to see it go. The last thing FI needs is another pay barrier to new customers. It also means the monthly summaries I have been posting, which are generally well received on the forum, may not be happening anymore.

    With that little rant over, where do people get their information from?
    I've heard of "Football Index Edge" and I know, forum poster, Noir offers a service but are there any others?

  • @James I get my information from Noir. It is excellent and has resulted in a massive improvement in my targeted PB trades.

  • @James I do my own research but from the samples @Noirx4 has posted I'd highly recommend - £1 a month

  • footie index scout isn't part of FI. He's an independent football index enthusiast. It's free for 30 days then It's only a fiver a month and I guess you could hop on then cancel then rejoin each time you needed data.

  • I'm still only £1 a month you are emailed the data in excel weekly and can cancel at any time.

  • Data is split into historical and now.

    Now is from April 6th 2018 and includes all pb and mb scores, goals, gwg, own goal, opponent, mins played, start/sub appearance. Base pb. Pb and mb wins. Price. Dividends, whether it wss a treble single day Etc.

    Historic is back to November 2017 and is all pb and mb scores over 100 points and dividend payputs

  • Not being funny mate but if you liked and used the product and it helped you make money/decisions then £5 isnt the end of the world

    Scout has put out free data from day one so lets not begrudge him when he starts charging

    Saying all that Noirx4 provides a service you wont beat for value

  • @Noirx4 can I get this? PayPal?

  • @Hartley hi mate I've posted the info in another post on here.

  • Could take a look at Index Gain which is FREE community platform with some really useful tools like alerts and instant news. Over 200 traders sharing tips, strategies and providing solid advice.

    It uses Slack as its main platform - so you can download the mobile app and get alerts on the go. Check out the preview here:

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