FI to bring back one of their old Promotions

  • Morning i believe FI will bring in one of their old style promotion were you earn points on your spending plus all shares that score pb points.

    Example you buy £120 worth of shares in a month Sell £100 worth in a month leaving total spend of £20 say a point a penny spent gives you 2000pts

    You own 100 shares in a player who scores 300 pb points in a month giving you 30000 pts

    say the reward is 1p per 1000 its you would receive 32p

    This is just a simple example

  • @roguetrader worked out to be fuck all though, was a pointless and hard to get your head round promo

  • Whatever they do it needs to be simple and easy to digest, not add another layer of complexity to potential new users looking in

  • I'm not sure a promotion is going to fix FI tbh. By its definition it would only be a temporary sticky plaster.

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