how much do you stand to lose ?

  • i will begin

    having started on football index September 2019 i made the £500 deposit to make use of the money back guarantee

    i was quite impressed that most players seemed to rise in capital appreciation for very little reason at all

    i continued depositing £50 here and there and speculating on what i felt were "undervalued" players at the time this strategy seemed to work fairly well the platform seemed stable and was regularly being sold as an investment vehicle by both football index and the community

    by jan20 i think i had roughly £800 in there nothing crazy

    i was planning on putting around 5K in by march 20 but thank Christ covid came around and stopped me from doing it

    but for what has perhaps been one of my stupidest ideas in a long time i decided to put more in April 20 to capitalise on the 8% spend bonus they were pumping

    by the end of april 20 i think i had roughly doubled my "investment" to £1600 around 2 weeks later instant sell was completely suspended from the platform and later removed "to protect the market " .....i quickly realised something wasn't right but thought i would give them the benefit of the doubt and tried to de-risk as best i could

    by October i had realised that this wasn't a string of "mistakes or coincidences" most of it had been very well planned out this was cemented by cole stepping down as CEO

    i was lucky in a sense a lot of my "lower end" players became worthless very early on so i couldn't sell them , i now realise had i sold them all for peanuts i doubt i would have had the grounds to sue the bastards

    all in i think i will be lucky to walk away from this down £300-400 but its 100% something i wish i had never gotten involved with

    i am aware some will have done very very well out of it and good luck to them but feel ultimately a lot of us are going to pay a heavy price for being involved with this company

    how much do you stand to lose is not a question that's regularly thought about on this platform but at this stage its definitely one that needs thinking about ?

  • I put in 4k when i first joined and lost 300 pound ISing before Order Books came in. A lucky guess to get out with a small loss.

    Im actually considering going again but im unsure. The value of the players i was happy to pay 5-10 pound a share for look great now in comparison and the divs have doubled. But the fact im wary of making the same bets i made 16 or so months ago for half the stake and double the potential winnings says a lot.

    I think im going to put in 10 a week so if i lose it its no big deal at all. I wasnt relying on the 4k for anything important but it seems a lot to risk now.

  • I'm so glad I have only ever deposited £50 into this platform( which I have withdrawn already) and my portfolio is currently £150 so I can't really complain although at one point it was £450. I haven't lost any money, and I can only be in profit but for me the platform i once really enjoyed is done with. Sorry to hear you have lost money

  • yes i would imagine there are probably a good few cases where people are still nursing paper profits on there

    problem is the spreads are so wide and the portfolio values so fictitious its hard to know where you really are until you can sell everything

    ( that's if you can sell at all lol)

  • I put 40k into the platform... I’ve taken 13k out and currently by bottom bid is 30k for the remains if shares.... I’m gonna let it ride out until the euros and re-evaluate. My dividends aren’t quite covering the drop at the moment but I’m hoping for a turn around... here’s to hope!!!!

  • @Deano4dawin Its no problem. I am not bitter at all and happy others made money.

    I had a chance to make big % gains at many stages (The night Gnabry scored 5 or 6 goals against Spurs wouldve been ideal lol) but i had my strategy to keep building until World Cup 2022 when i deposited and i wanted to see it through) Even in the early stages of Covid as the global stock markets where crashing and the index barely flinched it convinced me i had found a money tree.

    But the impending switch to order books frightened me off.

  • @Dannybeavs have you got bids for all of them bets in the remaining 30K ?

    are you concerned by what they are (or aren't) doing ?

  • @thelossadjustor £600 which is basically halved in value and steadily dropping. It's always been £10 here and there motivated by the drops over the last half a year. Its becoming easier to resist this temptation. But to be honest I will probably deposit just before the changes. A decision based on hope more than likely.

  • 7k and iv mentally prepared myself that I'm never seeing it again. I do believe things will turn round though but if not I took the gamble , not the gamble I signed up for but there is nothing I can do about it.

  • @thelossadjustor great post. clear and transparent. to be commended.

    a few small questions please, which would further help me understand:

    Will the court case be live streamed anywhere? with such a high precedent case, the courts may see it as "in the publics interest"?

    how much are your legal fees? they must be over and above what you have lost on FI?

    what date is the case?

    thanks in advance.

  • Close to £7k

    Over the moon.

    We live and learn.

  • Jesus fairplay to you all i couldn't write 7K off as easily

    especially with the way they have acted , if i had lost fair and square it may not be so bad

  • Banned

    Lost 6k paper profit when decided to sell up. Still managed to get 2k out of it but would never put the same amount of money on the line as things stand

  • About €700. Not put anything in since August just reinvesting dividends! Leaving it in & hoping fi index straightens itself out! Not optimistic! Was getting more confident as market seemed to be stabilising then with draw of ipd came along down about €100 in week cause of that! Left with short term buys that worth way less cause of ipd withdrawals! Hoping my long term buys rebound If fi recovers!

  • I discovered the product in October 2020 and started with 100£ just to explore the platform. Obviously in the meantime my port dropped, but I kept monitoring the platform and following the forum to improve my strategy, so I decided to re-invest in my main holds to reduce the loss. At the end of December I reached 1k investment: I bought some CA prospects trying to take advantage of the super-drop in prices.

    Biggest losses: Zaniolo (-32p) and Milinkovic Savic (-19p), but I'm still hopeful
    Best hold: Pogba, circa 15% in dividends in just 2/3 months

    Right now I'm -12% after IPD removal, but in the first week of January I was around +5% on mid price. I think I stand to lose max 30% of my investment before leaving, but it would be a pity because I like (the potentialities of) this product. Let's see what happens with IPD replacement 🤞

  • I checked my spreadsheet of what I have put in and taken out. It looks like I have £2,500 in the platform at the moment. I couldn't tell you what my port is worth as essentially it's only now worth what people will pay for my holds, which isn't a lot at all.

    Tempted to drop the sell price on a lot of players and see if I can take half of the £2,500 back

  • @FCIM1908 please be wary you need to calculate on the highest current bid available on each player ...... the rest is nonsense numbers

  • This post is deleted!

  • @thelossadjustor thank you for the advice 👍 I'm aware of what mid price actually is, it was just to give an indication

  • Back at the start of september before order books released I had £23k port, which was at +£3k profit

    4 months later, all time P&L is at -27% (-£12.5k) at mid price.

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