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  • Hi guys as you all know I produce a data product for £1 a month. I wonder if there is anyone who has used my product, edge and scout who could give an independent review for people.

  • Been procrastinating enough! How do I sign up?

  • what is your product?

  • I could get involved with this!

  • @Noirx4 said in Independent review:

    Hi guys as you all know I produce a data product for £1 a month. I wonder if there is anyone who has used my product, edge and scout who could give an independent review for people.

    I use your data which is invaluable in understanding FI and searching for future investments. I haven't used Edge or Scout so can't compare but very happy with what you provide. It's particularly helpful to track performance and media buzzes. Often it's difficult to understand fully how PB in particular is calculated and building a portfolio for this can be difficult, which is why your data relating to past PB scores, dividends etc is very useful and easy to use.

    As a newcomer to the platform (joined 3 weeks ago) it's great to have this information to hand. Not only for future investments but to look back and understands the mistakes I have made and what has influenced each players value (often not as obvious as one would imagine). Its a shame that other newcomers may miss out. FI don't provide anything in relation to this or make us aware of your services when people join. Understand you are not affiliated officially with FI, but it would still be useful to make new users aware of the resource that is available. Many people (majority) don't use the forum, so probably have no idea.

    I have a recommendation for yourself or FI. Example portfolios/ templates. The current 'trackers' are terrible, and there is an opportunity for some of the experienced readers to recommend example portfolios which contain a balance of players based on dividends, future gains, short term investments etc. Something like a beginner portfolio of £100, £200, £500 etc. Everyone has a budget and using your data to form these would be a good way to get people started on FI with some foundations to build on.

    Your data is also very useful for finding players who are outside of the Premier League. Many users like myself have never heard of half of the players in the Bundesliga, and certainly wouldn't know who to invest in without the analysis.

    Finally, I may not be looking closely enough, but extended 'opta' data or similar would be a useful addition but I don't think this could be provided without permission or an agreement. Some users may like to take a closer look at players. I personally think FI need to expand the pb to include GK as a separate group for example, and it would be good to see defenders points increase with performances and where they are scoring and losing points.

    Buying trends may also be interesting to analyse (most bought, sold etc). Also an analysis of the footie. This seems to be released from FI now and then but still good to see how your portfolio is doing in relation.

    Apologies if any of the above are already included. I probably use your data for only a fraction of what it could be used for but certainly keen to explore more.

    Keep up the good work.

  • @Noirx4 how do I pay for this?

  • @NewUser57133 @Galvin7 @Hartley

    Hi guys. Email to get signed up.

    Data is split into 2 parts historic and now

    Now is from April 6th and includes
    All PB and MB scores, all dividends, treble etc match day, goals, gwg, clean sheet, own goals, wins/loss, opponent, mins played. Base pb. Filter by player, club, age, and coming soon country (half popualted)

    Historic is back to mid November and includes
    Mb and pb scores over 100 points, all dividends. Mb and pb wins. Same filters

  • @metropolis would love to include some of the things you suggest but sadly it need permission and access to either the opta and or FI servers to be able to provide it.

  • I use the data all the time. Part of my day job involves this type of data gathering, analysis and reporting and I wish ours was as clear, intuitive and powerful as Noir's data. To be honest, he could charge 10 x what he does for 1 month and it would still pay for itself.

    My advice would be to book early before Noir does exactly this!

    (Disclaimer, never met the fella, I'm not his brother and I stand to make no financial gain from making this statement - quite the opposite actually as now you'll all know what I know! Damn it!)

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