Have FI simply forgotten to tell us the IPD replacement

  • This is beyond ridiculous now .... I can only assume somehow this deliberate tanking of the market is to their gain

  • @Three-lions of course it is mate, they want everyone to panic sell or sell in anticipation of there next move and then buy back in. It's so obvious and the thing that makes me laugh traders are gullible enough to do it. If we don't trade they have to make a move simple

  • FI have not offered there alternative to compensate for removal of ipd that's poor, inconsiderate , and a failing to the customer.

  • @NewUser299580 said in Have FI simply forgotten to tell us the IPD replacement:

    poor, inconsiderate , and a failing to the customer.

    Isn't that the company motto?

    Adam Cole has that on his company ties, it's written under a crest with a picture of a golden turd on a shield.

  • Your probably right , but even though this is a gambling platform , I cant help feeling like a puppet on a string .

  • I agree, it’s odd we haven’t heard about it yet. But it’s also critical they get this right. With confidence low, we cannot afford something half cooked, or poorly thought out that they didn’t do enough number crunching on. I’d rather they took their time and got it right.

  • Does anyone think fi is in a serious financial predicament and its looking for ways to recoup ? Or they really do have a face up there sleeve ? Thoughts please

  • Ace not face

  • I’m 99% certain they are financially fine, though of course they will have taken a little hit themselves over the past months.

    I’m assuming they or LP100 or someone is scooping up shares by the bucket load ready to offload at a huge profit in the near future.

    I’m selling nothing and riding this out till the bitter end if necessary.... I’d rather loose the lot than give away 60% of my money invested / gambled.

    I don’t even think at this point that they need to give us anything that amazing either as we are all locked in and all love and believe in the product.

    Once the capital appreciation starts ( all be it a long road ) sentiment will bounce back and should start a long but very positive rise

    Rockets by the Euro’s or by the World Cup at worst

  • @NewUser299580 said in Have FI simply forgotten to tell us the IPD replacement:

    Ace not face

    Thanks for correctly. It could also have been farce not face.

  • I noticed the app updated yesterday but it didn't give any details, whether this includes the long awaited announcement or just general bug fixes. Who knows....

  • Interesting comments I agree, it's a better policy to hold onto stock and force the hand as opposed to panic sale and play into the hands

  • @Three-lions i think if they were financially fine they wouldn't have pulled ipds. Some times you have to look at the bigger picture. I do work for next to nothing to keep the customer happy knowing I get the bigger jobs with the bigger margins. If the index did this and they are still worried about profit margins. We all should be worried

  • I will remain positive , put it down to the pandemic and the devastation its caused , but every cloud has a silver lining

  • I think if they where struggling financially which I can’t see myself , they wouldn’t be replacing ipd’s simply pulling them from the market would raise my eyebrow to financial reasons

  • @CLACKETT I’m pretty sure they just fucked things up so much since introducing the IPD’s that it simply became unsustainable to keep going along with the obvious losses that they were making on them ..... better timing and with no fuck ups they probably would have been sustainable


    I think the IPD recycling thing had become a major issue which FI had perhaps not anticipated. I was making very good returns but also found the whole process very unenjoyable. I was pretty seething when they pulled the IPDs but having calmed down since I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt pending the replacement

  • @Three-lions I think if you look at things of how it has been last 2/3years alarm bells have been ringing keep doing offers and deposit bonus and cash back offers. In a product which isn't in a start up year is madness and I think this is what kept things ticking along i might be wrong. But to then do what they have in the last 8months shows to me they have cash behind them but the flow of cash is not enough.

  • They have money in the bank (hopefully) from fleecing everyone, but they are burning through it at such a rate they couldn't wait until the end of the season to remove IPDs breaking yet another promise and eroding trust away almost completely.. They are fearing for the company, make no mistake.

    This, the adding commission to buys, the IPOs, all while the market is imploding... these are not the actions of a company that's ok for money.

    Looks at the figures, they're collapsing.

    Active Traders
    Trades Matched
    Shares Matched
    Value Matched

    They made less than £10k in the last 24 hours, it's in big trouble.

  • @Baydog but if they hadn't removed instant sell could u refresh as easy? I dont think I think that was a dbl whammy maybe

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