Mpabbe at 3 quid

  • I’ve got some money spare and I’ve been scouring the market today and the player that’s catches my eye over Robertson is mpabbe.

    He’s the cheapest he’s ever been. Is he good with pb? My thinking is no compared to the useual players he’s up against and will he get a move in the summer and will he be an mb player?

    I’m torn between playing it safe and putting money in my only one hold pogba or take a risk on mpabbe.

  • I’ve been looking at him too his price is looking enticing right now I think crazy media he will get if he’s available in the summer

  • @Lloyddavies alright pal how did you get it where you have your 4 holds at the bottom of every message you reply to?


  • @Decafruby6 go to your profile - edit profile - fill out you signature box with players you own - click save

    Job done bud

  • yea looks a solid player , product looks nice and healthy and market is booming

    should be back to £12 in a few weeks.

  • @Lloyddavies nice one I can show off my one hold now 😂

  • @thelossadjustor fuckin he’ll no wonder your reputation is -18 😂

  • @Decafruby6 haha was tounge in cheek

    people don't like hearing reality around here mate

    seriously though keep your coin and run

  • @thelossadjustor I k ow what your saying. But I do like gambling and it will last a lot longer in here than it would in skybet.

    And I’m too old to do Bitcoin! I did invest in shares in banks and other company’s since the pandemic started but now they’ve got back normal this seems a good choice while it’s on its knees.

    I’ve had a good start put 10k in pogba back in November at an a average price off £2.41 and I’ve got back £2200 in divs already so it’s quite appealing to me. Think it’s coz I came in at the right time

  • @Decafruby6 I’m on here for the same reasons and if your buying at these prices and the company keeps going your only gonna end up in profit it’s inevitable

  • nice trade. it is possible to still make money in a market crash. some people just cant figure it out, so go on the attack.
    mbappe aint great at PB. but if Neymar moves and he stays it would improve.

  • @Lloyddavies I have thought worst case scenario if they go bust but what normally happens with company’s then is they got bought out.

    Hopefully it’ll never come to that 🙏🏻

  • @Decafruby6 yeh so much potential in this it’s unreal just has to have the right men behind it pulling the strings Covid obviously hasn’t helped alongside the transition but I can only see better things to come

  • I looked at Mbappe today and he could get a summer move and media but his returns over the past year are a bit off putting. You could get a better media earner like Rashford or Kane, both of whom are better for PB, for cheaper.

  • @Timmy that’s a big port. How long it take you to build that up and you get them at a good average price? If you don’t mind me asking. What’s your div return like?

    Only asking coz I might go down having a varied port rather than all in on one player

  • @Decafruby6 It's a bit bigger in reality, as I don't have everyone listed.

    I joined in the summer and have returned around 45% of my net deposits in dividends and about 30% of all deposits.

    My biggest holds are pretty standard - Messi, Kimmich, Robertson, Kane, Bruno, Kroos, Lewa, and Rashford in that order - but I earnt a good amount from IPDs, especially from Kakuta and Muller, and from recycling them for profit. So I expect my dividend percentage to drop - I've also sold and withdrawn of late, because of concerns, so my dividends as a percentage of net deposits has risen.

    I'd definitely recommend a diverse portfolio. It's a bit less risky and adds to the fun, which is the primary reason I'm here tbh. It gives me more interesting in other European leagues.

    And some of the players I built up more slowly, as I wanted to check how they were doing (especially when new to the platform) but often I lumped on them in groups. And I always have a few on my radar who I look to pick up after a dip in price.

  • i think hes very good value,but who knows in this app

  • @Timmy 👍. Think I’ll take it slow for now and no pogba in your port????? 😂😂😂 what’s your take on him?

  • @Decafruby6 I think Pogba is a good investment because of MB - I've had small holdings at points but I've been reticent because his PB average is underwhelming with Bruno in the side and I think his MB could dry up if/when he moves abroad. I prefer Rashford and Kane as MB holds around the same price point, as I think they are safer long term and I feel like they've got a bit more PB value in them (Kane has had 5-6 game winning scores already this season). Cannot argue against Pogba though - his returns over the past season have been great.

  • @Timmy i think come September I will have got half my investment back in divs then hopefully when he’s just got his move his price will go up then I’ll sell up

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