My plan for the future

  • So we are obviously close to either an announcement of the new dividend mechanism and returns or close to the announcement of the announcement date.

    The current drop in player prices in my opinion will suit the FI management as I believe the new announcement may well help re-set the product and set it up for long term growth.

    Low prices have 2 advantages and possibilities that I can see and that is firstly (most likely) that if the announcement is really positive it will be delivered alongside a marketing push for new traders and players being lowly priced makes them seem more attractive to new joiners.

    Secondly and this is what I would like to see is that they could remove a substantial amount of players from the index that users say they are locked into in exchange for credits that can be spent on other players but the cash cannot be withdrawn from the index for a set length of time say 6 months but could be 12 months. This would mean money flows from players nobody wants into more established players and helps provide artificial liquidity for at least 6 -12 months. With a more streamlined number of players remaining and confidence hopefully improving as we get to the business end of the season sentiment would improve and hopefully when this 6-12 month period expires the cash that those traders could now withdraw may stay in the platform as there would be no need to leave.

    The replacement dividend structure would need to continue to encourage some short term trading whilst also rewarding those that play the long game and I would propose the following.

    Restrict the number of players on the platform to more streamlined number by removing all the deadwood from the last world cup and all non PB league players that have not attracted a set level of trading of the last 12 months. Then remove PB league players where interest in them has been minimal. This would simplify the product and hopefully enable the tech department to update there details more efficiently whilst condensing liquidity into what will still be a significant number of players.

    PB would continue how it is and MB would continue as it is, however due to the saturation of football currently I would add a 2nd place to MB as there are virtually no triple media days and therefore bronze days are too frequent and they offer very little for us to get excited about.

    The new payout structure I would implement is based around TOTM I would have 2 divisions the top 200 and the rest, but it would be a squad of 2 goalkeepers and 4 of each outfield player positions. Both divisions would have identical pay out structures and without knowing how much FI can afford my example may be either too tight or too generous.

    GK 10P
    GK 5P
    Def 20p
    Def 15p
    Def 10p
    Def 5p
    Mid 20p
    Mid 15p
    Mid 10p
    Mid 5p
    For 20p
    For 15p
    For 10p
    For 5p

    However unlike the current structure you could only buy a player and qualify for these payments when they have played no more than 1 qualifying game. As it can be too easy later in the month.

    There would be 1 additional payment for performance of the month for each position which would be the player with the highest match score during the month for his position who did not qualify for any TOTM payment, however these players would need to be owned before that match kicked off and payments would be say 25p each.

    This structure would reward holding both higher and lower priced players and bring some excitement back to the platform and make the gamble of buying outside the top players worthwhile as all players would have the chance of significant dividends.

    To add further excitement I would add 2 or 3 transfer windows to coincide when there are spells of no qualifying football where players are removed from the index and if you owned any of these players you would receive credits as per my explanation on credits earlier to spend on new players who would be issued by live auctions during the evenings that we could all bid on.

    What are your thoughts

    Cheers as always Fletch

  • Some mad stuff there.

    You can't really split top 200 and the rest because players switch in and out of the bottom of the top 200 on an hourly basis.

    They definitely need to remove players, but if they tried to trap my money in for 12 months I'd be taking them to small claims court 😂

  • @o_O

    Quite simple you would start and finish the month in the group you start it in for TOTM as for the credits currently everybody is saying they are trapped so getting something for players that have no bids that you could then buy any player you like for and continue to buy/sell until the restriction period is up seems quite fair.

  • @Fletch

    Some good ideas in there. The credit for crap idea definitely has legs.

    I would say it needs to be simple to explain and tick boxes on a number of fronts.

    I like the team of the week for each league suggestion doing the rounds a lot, I struggle to see too many issues with that from a trader point of view.

    One I thought of is quite simple and is an expansion of team of the month. Add a 2p threshold payment for outfield scores over the month with cumulative scores above 350/400 and 300 for keepers. This is a form of tiered PB and also a boost to existing totm rewards of 2p per position for the winners of totm (assuming the winner gets over 350/400 each month).

    In addition instead of IPDs use the similar system for ToTM but for G&A&CS. The most goals across the month wins 10p, 2nd 5p etc, same for assists same for clean sheets - a cut off for eligibility same as totm hold by 21st keep until 1st, drawn positions paid out in full for all

    This system rewards long term holders as the payouts are ongoing, creates short trading as the cumulative rewards for a player across the month would be significant, and stops the need for the recycling process dragging prices down

  • @Fletch i have a feeling this announcement someone told me about earlier is a big one. I suddenly feel like I may have wasted a huge amount of time on research these last few days lol.

  • @Fletch sounds like someone has nicked some of my ideas 😂

  • @Fletch I think the broad issue (and I confess I've only been on-board with FI 8 months-ish) but in that time all the changes - and there have been many, even in 8 months :) - seem to have been very abrupt and dramatic. I feel like FI need to take a more gradual approach. They could have reduced the %s on IS, adjusted IPDs not just kill them, etc. They have made very big manoeuvres without comprehending the full potential impact. They could change the IPD deadline so you can't flip for IPDs all day to the close - eg, have a deadline of an hour before first game KO each day. Or 4pm. ,

  • Its a dead product why are people still holding on.

  • @NewUser251391 said in My plan for the future:

    Its a dead product why are people still holding on.

    Why are you still here

  • @o_O said in My plan for the future:

    You can't really split top 200 and the rest because players switch in and out of the bottom of the top 200 on an hourly basis.

    Every 24 hours 👍

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