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  • If team of the week gets announced(fingers crossed) then I believe the index will be BORN AGAIN!! I really think the platform will be active then

    Guys what do you think?

  • I really like TOTM so would definitely be keen on a TOTW. I don’t think it would be a game changer unfortunately - though I’d love to be wrong.

  • @Dav It's a plaster on the gushing artery .. Think a transfusion may be required to revive the battered body

  • It could a start of things to come, imagine how trading will be? People will be looking at weekend fixtures then buying players around the upcoming matches... what have FI got to lose? Can it get any worse than this?

    All I’m saying is u just never know

  • It'd have to be a team from each pb league

    And what 5p a place, more? The divs would need to be decent

  • payouts will need to be very good or interest just wont be there

    also quite worrying a model built on TOTM and TOTW will more or less be identical of what say a competitor like footstock run

  • @Westy

    That’s not a bad shout, for each league that be be amazing

  • @Dav itd have to be a wide net to try and include a lot of players that previously only had value due to IPDS.

    Im still not sure this will bring value back to most of those it has been cruelly stripped away of all of a sudden.

    So maybe it still needs to be based on goals, assists and clean sheets rather than more PB.

    Long term itd be great to just have everything tied into PB and MB. Nice and simple. But they have to find a way to bring a lot more players into the game, otherwise it will stagnate with a powerful 50 players on the index that reach prices where risk, reward and projected yields cause stagnation and boredom.

  • @Westy is it not possible to have one multi league PB team of the week based on weekend matches?

  • @Ollie if its just one, then thats a small pool of players.

    Would have to do a TOTW for each league to try and include as many players as possible for trading, commission, fun and putting some value back in holds of current users that had prepped ports with IPD players.

  • @Westy

    I really like the team of the week for each pb league idea. But I reckon they would either have to do a separate totw for EL/CL or remove the euro multiplier, otherwise it will be too hard for others not involved in those competitions to compete... I also agree that there needs to be something in addition more to replace the IPDs and matchday entertainment - possibly done as a ToTM type set up but for G/A/CS?!

  • i don't see 'team of the week' as that exciting... great, it offers more dividend wins on those players that (the majority) will probably already earn you dividends on? (Neuer, Kimmich, Kroos, Messi, Bruno perhaps)... but what about 99% of the index... it still seems irrelevant to me.

    I would be more tempted to invest if FI opened up another new PB league and said the top player(s) in each league each week get paid out on... whether 'everybody' scoring over 250 points gets paid out or simply the top in each position? It will simplify proceedings so that we can all see if a player has made the cut by glancing at the rankings and cut out this not knowing who should be paid what when and how malarkay we get with IPDs, TOTM, TOTW and everything else they make up on the spot!

  • The problem is they've let IPDs become a sub market for so long. Current traders will be harmed, have been harmed, by removal if value isnt added back to those sort. Its a shame that its not a simple PB based idea needed- unless they add more points for goals, assists and clean sheets...but another big change in terms of a pb matrix change would really need some big compensation to current accounts along with it.

    A TOTW per PB league at least gives you 5 Gks, 20 Defs, 20mids, 10 fwds all getting a regular pop, yes the likes of Messi will continue to dominate, but thats good, all markets need stars to raise the bar and give wonderkids a projected future worth investing in.

    Yes could do an Ueafa cup and Champs cup separate too TOTW.

    Many ipd players still wont feature though.

    Its a very tricky situation FI have.

    Footstock have recently offered credit for cards. I would hope FI have a similar plan if they are going to focus on PB and not add value back to pure goal scorers etc.If they totally ignore how theyve crippled that sub market there will be too much negative backlash for whatever they have in place to be a positive move forwards. Traders will have thousands locked in dead holds.

  • @Westy All leagues in one multi TOTW, same as PB

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