renato sanches

  • just weighing up buying some of the above. surely he will move from swansea and will at least be playing football next year which is an improvement from this year. he was the best young treasure to come out of the last euros. whats your thoughts?

  • @NewUser115892
    He won’t technically ‘move from swansea’ because it was a loan deal. No WC, couldn’t even get in the Swansea team and will probably get loaned out again. Could end up getting loaned to somewhere away from the top 5 leagues. If he does then he’s gotta get in their team. If he manages that then he’s still gotta put in good performances. So personally, not one I would go after but each to their own

  • yeah agree that he has had an absolute nightmare year. but this is all reflected in his 90p price. therefore thinking things can only get better / buying in low. might have to have a sneaky 50 of him

  • @NewUser115892
    For a player who couldn’t even get into a team that was relegated, 90o still doesn’t scream value personally. But links for his next destination could push his price up a bit,. Do what you think is best. Not as much potential loss as others in the worst case scenario anyway

  • Freddy adu mk2 lol ....I would touch even at half that Price..

  • He was clearly a fish out of water at Swansea, but was sent there because of Clements links with bayern.

    90p is probably a fair price for him at the moment. He's got great potential, that's not in doubt. I'm pretty certain we have seen the worst of him, and if he gets his confidence back, his price will rise.

    I'd expect him to be loaned to another bundesliga side, so that he can learn the league. With kovac coming in as the new manager of bayern, he might loan some youngsters out to his old team (Frankfurt, who he guided to 8th place and a cup win).

    Freddy Adu ... The goat.

  • @Pat-Hiscock said in renato sanches:

    Freddy adu mk2 lol ....I would touch even at half that Price..

    Champ man veteran.

  • @NewUser109527

    In fairness, it's one of the few times that champ man/footie manager has gotten it completely wrong. Freddy was an absolute flump.

    Nevertheless, I still use the game as a helpful guide when researching potential future purchases.

    If it's good enough for big sam ...

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