• Says in the announcement more to come on this? I entered but it seems like it’s going to be very hard to win as it’s free to enter so everyone will do it and I think there was only 3 prizes!

    Should do top10 to make it and share the prize fund out over them positions. Be a nice little though

  • @Decafruby6

    No idea what that was.... I seemed to miss whatever the pilot was the other day.

  • I think the big give away on these is point 2 in the update of issuance.

    1. To give our customers assurance that there will not be an over-supply of Shares in the market, which may be important when traders have the opportunity to ‘enter’ their Shares into future tournaments and competitions that we may introduce.

    Sounds to me like they plan on doing something similar to the squads thing, but you can only do it with players you own.

    Shots fired at platforms like Footstock and Soares.

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