What I Like About The New Divs

  • Trying to look on the bright side, here's the things I like about this new change.

    • It's paid out on the Thursday as a group cash injection ready for weekend trading, which should foster easy buy/sell patterns

    • Long term holders like me, will be rewarded

    • They brought back the Rebate, which could cheer the market up for a couple of weeks

    • With fewer people selling to refresh for IPD's, there'll hopefully be fewer people undercutting

    What do you like about it?

  • it gives value to players who often narrowly miss out like rodrigo de paul. also a machine like kimmich will be milking it. so for consistent quality performers it will be a steady flow. still imagine getting a huge score will 1p every share make you feel much better when just missing out on a 14p gold day?

  • @Dan-The-Man...are you able to explain the rebate side of things, I'm struggling to understand it - thanks

  • This new dividend promotes longer term holding, which is great for traders on so many levels. Firstly, less commission to pay, secondly - and this is the good part - with less people wanting to sell, traders will have to increase their bids to get someone interested. That in turn increases the price of players, which everyone benefits from (provided you haven't sold up).

    Less selling is also good news for FI in a way too, because if we never sold a player, every new purchase, every new penny into the index, would all go on minted players. Why aim for 2% commission when you can get 100% buy price? Added to the above, where futures are increasing in value and you can see why it is good news for FI too.

    Don't get me wrong, I can understand why some people won't be happy with 1p divs when they were used to more for IPD's but this is the first intro of this. If it is successful, there's no reason FI won't increase it in time, and if it doesn't work then it's only 1p to remove, and should be easily replaceable. To me this shows that FI are introducing things in a more consideredammer rather than smashing in something huge that some FI boardroom suit thinks will make them rich overnight, fails, and has to be changed/removed to the detriment of our port prices.

  • I am actually quite pleased with the structure of the changes even though I do think they are a little on the modest size. The announcement points to a better long term future but may not be welcomed by those who like rockets or want there recent losses back quickly.

    Firstly they have acknowledged there are far too many irrelevant players on the index and they intend to remove them. Less players will eventually lead to more liquidity.

    Secondly they have reset the platform towards a long term bias as the new payments are available for the full duration you hold your player.

    The rebates are targeted to encourage buy now prices which should be the aim of all new incentives.

    Without knowing how many shares of each player are already in play the 1 million cap is difficult to assess but if there are 920,000 Sancho I would guess that there will be no more Pogba and Messi shares minted after the 20th February cut off and maybe quite a few more players. This has to be a good thing but again the benefit may not be seen for quite a long time.

    By the sound of it there are more new incentives to come but if I joined the index today and wanted to buy and hold players there are some very attractive prices from a dividend perspective.

    As long as the index is here in 5 years time and this current payment system is in place and improved in small increments I believe most patient and not greedy people can make good money.

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  • @NewUser109854 If you buy a player for their 'Buy Now' price you will get 2% back at the end of the qualifying period. If you put a bid in and get it matched you get 1%.

    I.e. you buy 100 shares in Messi at the 'Buy Now' price of £5 it cost you £500 but you'll get a rebate of £10. Same principle for bids but you only get 1% of the matched price back as a rebate.

    Hope that helps

  • @Fletch absolutely. There’s never been a better incentive to hold quality FI players. The announcement was quietly positive. Reinforcing FI’s original appeal- holding dividend returning players.

  • IPD were never supposed to be the main bread winner for people on the index. As already said they were a sweetener for buying.
    Am sure not to long ago you only got 1p for a bronze day div PB. So getting 1p for being close is not to bad to start. And players prices were much higher then.

  • @Dan-The-Man

    Yea I agree positive stuff moving in the right direction

  • The dividends while stingy have to start somewhere. They can only go up depending on how the platform goes.

    I like the limit on shares. You could end up owning a sancho that a new user can’t buy unless they offer quite a bit over the current price to tempt you to sell.

    My kids play a game where you have rare, ultra rare and legendary pets, this could end up being similar with the most sought after players once the current members buy them all up.

    Or maybe I am looking too far ahead? 😂

  • @Mcalisp perfect - thanks for simplifying it 👍

  • I think MDE is a great new feature. People keep saying its only 1p but i swear these people are missing the point, its potentially an extra 1p for every week you hold that player and you can hold that player for 3 years! IPD was for 30 days!

    An account on twitter has looked back at all the data for this season and if MDE was in place from september this year 247 different players would have won. Bruno would have won 5x!

  • @Fletch you say there are some attractive prices! Who you referring to?

    Just interested to know 😁

  • @DJ-110 that would be cool having the most valuable pokemon in the fi 😂😂😂

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