Goalkeepers and new Extra Match Day dividends

  • How do we think the new divs will affect goalkeeper prices?

    Assuming that keepers never win star man, then on a Gold day keepers earn a touch over 5% of the PB divs on offer. This new announcement gives them 10% of the new divs. Relatively speaking have keepers done well out of this announcement?

    Are we likely to see non-playing keepers pick up divs in very slow weeks?

  • not sure as goalkeepers where the main ones to suffer with ipd removal, although some now do look pretty cheap. of mine only donnarumma has held strong.

  • @Frank-Mole-Pepys this is where we need @Black-Wolf, he is the Goalkeeper guy! :-).. Can we have your thoughts please Mr Wolf? and also, could you return @mickturbo to us, I listened to the recent pod he was on, and I have 2 questions for him, 1) Thoughts on the announcement? and 2) Is he still stuck with Vertonghan? haha.

  • i think it's good for goalkeepers, and in particular, Ederson, Neuer, Bounou, Mendy, Alisson, Ter Stegen... those that pass out from the back and tot up the points whilst keeping clean sheets for the big clubs... They should all see rises but other than 10/20 at the top most will be irrelevant so be interesting to see the weeks when others outside those do well, whether they hit any spikes in value too.

  • GoalKeepers could always be renewed, most of the time in profit. As a result you could be getting your 2p a clean sheet almost all of the time. You are swapping that out for 2 extra 1p slots a week.

    That is bad news for GK. Particularly as you will need a C/S + some points to even get second rather than getting paid out on the c/S allone.

  • @Toptom
    yes those stuck with older goalkeepers bought for clean sheet ipds are knackered. little to no chance of winning match day dividends. basically fi have left these to rot and users have to suck up the loss.

  • I'm really not goal keeper man I've only two keeper schemichal and Dean Henderson I have recently brought 300 of Dean because he will be a starting goal keeper some where within the 3 year time period not big profit to be made but green is green every little helps 😂😂

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