3 Year Bet Update

  • Just asked about confirmation on the 3-year bet with the below response for CS for those who may be over or approaching their current 3-year bet.

    Kate (Football Index)
    Jan 22, 2021, 16:37 GMT

    Good afternoon Karl,

    Thank you for contacting customer support.

    We are very pleased to hear your feedback on the new announcement.

    Currently, it remains our intention to expire bets that are over 3 years old during 2021. However there are only a nominal percentage of shares that fall into this category and we consider aged bets have little, if any, effect on the market. We will always give any customers who hold bets over 3 years old sufficient notice of any expiry.

    I hope this answers your query.

    Thanks & I hope you have a great weekend.
    Kind Regards,
    Customer Support Agent

    email : support@footballindex.co.uk
    phone : +44 (0) 800 066 2650

  • I find it staggering that you've obviously given some kind of positive feedback to FI about the shit penny divs.

    It's dumb brown-nosing like this that encourages them to continue fucking everything up.


  • @NewUser395078 If you say so 👍

  • @Karl correct me if I’m wrong but surely this three year expiry on shares is irrelevant because you could easily just sell and rebuy the shares at any point to reset the clock. If you feel like trading between the spreads you can potentially make more money and reset the clock every time you do. Just an observation but prices seem to fluctuate regularly so lots of windows to trade in and out

  • @Don-Quixote It really all depends on your trading strategy but if you are a short-term trader then yes they reset every time you sell and nothing to worry about.

  • @Karl trading a player once every week or once every three years would be the difference in strategy but either way its a minor inconvenience for turning a 3 year bet into a career bet

  • @Don-Quixote Problem is if you forget to refresh your bet within the three-year limit, you lose your entire bet.

    Chances of that happening are slim but because the 3-year bet has been put on the long finger, I just wanted to post to make anyone aware of FI's plans.

  • @Karl anyone that wants to trade successfully on any kind of exchange/market should be keeping either a spreadsheet or at least a note book with date of purchase, why you purchased and a planned point of exit.

    Thank you for posting this correspondence though im not questioning your post just pointing out you shouldn’t worry about the expiry of a bet whether it be an 90 minute bet on one football match or a 3 year bet on a footballers career. If you understand the bet you have placed there will be opportunities to move you money in profit before the bet expires

  • @Don-Quixote Agreed but again it all depends on your strategy and that coupled with FI holding off implementing the term could cause confusion.

    Better to be safe than sorry.

  • @Karl good info, I think I have quite a few due by end of this month, had been wondering if they'll ever activate it, but surely they have to to either remove liability or at least gain 2% commission on me selling them. I hope they really do notify in advance, haven't had anything yet.

  • @Don-Quixote fair point. But in my earlier years I thought it would be great to buy Dijon Sterling or Ethan Hamilton - no chance anyone is accepting a decent offer for them ;)

  • @NewUser395078 mate, come on, seriously?

  • I think FI should give traders the option to refresh their shares after 3 years. So pay another 2% commission but not be forced to sell at IS prices (which for many players don't exist).

  • @Frank-Mole-Pepys I can definitely see them implement this in time, as it benefits them entirely.

  • @Karl

    Yep, will definitely happen at some point, as they’ll either reduce their liability if the future expires or get 2% in commission if the customer sells their future in time.

    We’ve known about it from the start though, so anyone holding 4 or 5 year futures should treat it as a bonus.

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