PB points

  • Why is it that pb points can fall on players during games?Haaland was at 96 but now down in the 60s,how does that work?

  • @NewUser366897

    Point swing of 33 points from 2-1 up to 3-2 down


  • @qwertqwert Thanks for that.Can make sense of it now

  • He probably lost more like 68 points when the game turned from 2-1 up to 3-2 down. He’d have lost 35 for game winning goal, lost 18 points for the win and been awarded -15 points for a loss.

    Then presumably he scored a few more points via shots, passes, etc, to bump his score up a bit.

    Game winning goal can have a big impact on PB winners. For example, Mbappe won PB last night with about 240 points (including 2 goals, 1 assist and GWG), but if Montpellier had scored a goal near the end of the game to make it 4-1, Mbappe would have lost GWG (-35 points) and it would have moved to Neymar (+35 points). That 70 point swing would have put Neymar on about 240 and Mbappe on circa 205. Sometimes you’ll end up watching a game willing the other team to pull a goal back!

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