Time to move on...

  • Time to club together now, leave the trolls behind. There’s a definite wave of positivity back - whether it’s justified or not only time will tell. But this forum used to be really enjoyable. With FI edging back to its roots let’s try and do the same - we don’t need to hear how the good old days were so much better or how Removing IPDs Has damaged the platform. Let’s play the game infront if us. I want to read about the next star coming out the Ajax academy (they will have their day again) - or the next gem going ‘under the radar’ - let’s honestly get back to talking about football -
    I’ve read enough posts stating how awful the platform is and enough posts how FI have screwed us - it’s done now, we’ve had our moan. Im down a huge amount also but I’m looking forward to watching FI evolve from here - the minimum I want to do is give it a chance!

    1. Don’t give trolls the attention - if you see a post just ignore it - don’t give them any satisfaction
    2. Give the product a chance to grow from where it is today
    3. Put your current losses to the side and concentrate on how you might be able to recoup some back
    4. Find the positives - it’s the easiest thing in the world to be negative
    5. Stop living in past

    Let’s do our bit and give new users something encouraging to read - at the minute there are a lot of people on here who are as guilty as FI as being part of the problem

    If FI started today and we knew nothing about it we would all think it was an amazing product...coz it is.

    Give it a chance to establish itself again - everything comes round again. Let’s enjoy the product for what it is and more importantly not give the trolls the opportunity to destroy our enjoyment...ignore them.

  • @G27 the fight back starts now mate. I want to try and break even by the end of 21 and try justify to myself that I was right to hold firm and not sell for ridiculously low prices. I know it should never have come to this but I love FI and iv learnt alot about myself in the last few months. I'm confident about the future.

  • @G27 👍 there has been no immediate rise but it will take time for people to see the divs trickle in and start hopefully getting some cap app back, think the index will see how this div replacement goes and it can always be extended to 2p win, still think media buzz could be added for each eligible league, don't know the complications in this but it would have been fun.thry could have reduced none media days in England to 4,3,2p respectively and added 1p for other 4 leagues and do the same on match days but 5p payout for England and 1p for other countries

  • @G27


  • I’m looking at joining FI is it worth it cuz I’ve been reading so much bad things about it but then I’ve been reading good things aswell so am 50/50

  • @G27 Great post! I`m onboard..
    I quite miss the match day chats that used to be on here, I dont have the time sadly to be posting team sheets or stats to help, but the general chit chat was fun.. Might be nice to get a list of ideas of things people want to see to help them with trading?

  • @NewUser544991 mate ,you have joined at the right time. The prices are low and and I think its win win from here. The concept is fantastic , its been a rough year but I feel they are learning from there errors. It's a gamble of course but the it's great entertainment and generally a good community. Go for a few dividend earners to start and then put any winnings into some potential for future.

  • @NewUser544991 its absolutely worth it - had a lot of bad press recently but its a great platform and brings huge enjoyment to match days.

    Start small - dont put in more than you can afford to lose, and then put in less than that to start with. Read the rules throughly, and read the forum topics for advice. Build a watchlist first and see how those players do.

    And enjoy, prices and yields are fantastic right now.

  • @AndydfopT how can I find out who dividend earners are and I’m thinking of only starting small and looking at players valued at about 50p then going from there

  • @G27 I agree with your sentiment but ignoring them and your five point plan is all wrong. Donald Trump is a prime example of what happens if you ignore the nutters. There is an element of the forum that lives and breathes on vitriol, which devalues the potential shared knowledge of this place. Some of the vitriolists do occasionally make sense and on those points I applaud debate. I would urge people to stop chucking salvos. If a post begins the thought, "you are all fu..." or some such gripe please don't reply with "why don't you just fu...". Us football fans cannot resist an uncultured game of swear tennis but it is so unproductive.

  • @NewUser544991 change your username mate. Too many new users. There is alot of good people who will help you. Obviously the more expensive the player ,the more likely they win divs. Players like kroos, kimmich, KDB, Messi in particular score high pb scores regularly. They will feature in totm alot so will earn a steady flow. I'm a little busy right now but il come back and explain more later

  • @AndydfopT ok mate thanks for the help

  • @G27

    Legend post I’m backing you all the way


  • the "trolls" are going nowhere and are growing in numbers everyday

    and don't worry the "bad press" hasn't even started yet

  • @qwertqwert Ekklenkamp

  • Would be helpful if FI could link Forum registrations to an active FI account, which would stop people setting up new profiles just to troll. As OP says, time to move on. I'd recommend using block on those who contribute nothing helpful or entertaining.

  • Re: Time to move on...

    It is what it is. It’s like any market. When people are making money. People are happy. When they don’t, they aren’t. Seen it all before in all walks of life. There is no such thing as a safe market, bet, investment.

    Those that “so called got out early” will be happy with their profits/evens/losses. But that’s how markets work. Room for losers and winners.

    I’m not happy as I’ve lost a few £s but I knew the risk when I started and that was my choice. I’m in with the rest. Will just take some hard work to put my portfolio right!

  • @thelossadjustor said in Time to move on...:

    the "trolls" are going nowhere and are growing in numbers everyday

    You don't need the quotation marks there "mate".

    And there was me thinking you might be a teacher.

    And apologies to everyone else, I realise I've bitten already. That's my last retort.

  • @Aarondb91 When you've been on here a few times and read different threads you'll come to know the regulars who have good debate and the few who just slag the product off on every thread. They probably work for another company ?

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