PBmonsters sub £1

  • Who's out there?

  • Not sure if you’d call them monsters, but the likes of Akanji, Savanier and James Rodriguez are all proven PB winners and available for less than £1 via bids.

    There are loads of options though. One of the advantages of the current low prices.

  • Are we talking on bids or buy now.

    I mean Luis Alberto, Kramaric to name 2 on bids but one I find most interesting is Havertz. He was the next big thing at Leverkusen. 6 months in at Chelsea and suddenly hes dog shit.

    If Lampard goes and Chelsea get a manager who has longer than 2 minutes experience he could be awesome. If not he could leave and if he gets anywhere near his Leverkusen form hes bound to rise. At £1 hes a bargain for me at the moment. Midfielders who knows where the net is, just what you want and potential poster boy for Germany with euros and world Cup in next 2 years?!

  • There is so much choice out there! Havertz is a good shout as I put him in the bracket of falling giants alongside hazard 85p and couthino who you can get for 40p! There all at a age to pull the career back and them 3 are far too good to be dog shit for much longer

  • @Decafruby6 I was just looking at Coutinho, that does seem awful cheap, but it would have to be a patient purchase, cant see him returning much anytime soon.. I bought Marquinhos yesterday, I think he is good value..

  • Canales won Star man the other night with 252 and has returned a good consistent set of scores this season

    His current IS price is around 50p


  • @qwertqwert it's good to be talking football again!

  • the PB based players in my port for under £1 are:

    Marquinhos - around 90p
    Alaba - around 60p
    Pavard - around 70p
    Sabitzer - around 80p
    Thauvin - around 80p
    Digne - around 70p

    not gonna give them the old pump job on them, but maybe a few to take a look at and make your own judgement

  • @qwertqwert what site is that that you use?

  • @NewUser161744


    Its free and very useful

    another good site (which is also free)

    Is this one
    There is a thread on here from a way back which goes through how to use it - its the only site i know that shows a historical graph of a players IS Price


  • Agree on Havertz looking good value and he does have talent.

    I bought him at £2.35, so <£1 I would jump on.

    Others worth a mention IMO are:
    Bastoni (looks really good for Inter and had an eye for a pass) - around 40p
    Asensio - 50-60p
    Pepe - 60p
    Griezmann - 80-90p

  • @NewUser469373 how dare you be positive! Are you stupid. Fi is doomed dont you know. We are going to lose everything.

  • @Stevo I never rated Timo at Chelsea,I dont know who their recruitment chief is but theyve replace players like Willian with utter average players.I think if Lampard didnt ask for the players Chelsea signed then if hes sacked its a bit rich.Same with Real Madrid theyve signed real average types.

  • kramaric for me. scores loads and posted some big scores in the recent past so the feeling is a big one is always round the corner. plus has the europa league with hoffenheim and euros to come with croatia.

  • @Shaun442 interesting view. What makes you think that Timo is not a good fit for Chelsea?

  • James Ward Prowse is a decent shout in my view.

    Looking at players 27 or under, who have played at least 10 PB games in the last 3 months he posts the second highest average score (with 147) behind only Bruno. He's currently 88p.

    If you look at the top 10 players (ranked by PB average) 27 or under he's the only one under £1.

    My only concern is that although his average is high, he tends to post very samey scores. Which is probably why he hasn't won that much in dividends. Generally you're better off with a player who has a great game, then a bad game, rather than one who is just consistently good. However if he could add a few more goals to his game I think he'd start pushing for some more wins.

    Full disclosure, I own 100.

    He'll slip to third on this list shortly, Kimmich has only played 9 games due to injury but will top the list once he plays his tenth. Him and Bruno are miles ahead of everyone else.

  • @GeoffS I'm with you on this one (and not just cos I'm a Saints fan).

    I do think he has some monster PB scores in him, although I agree he is one of those consistent PB scorers who rarely hits the monsters.

    There was a game earlier in the season against Villa I think where he was deadset for a PB win (and I think potentially star man). Saints were 4-1 going in to the 90th minute and JWP had scored the 2nd and 3rd. Somehow it finished 4-3, he lost the GWG and ended up not getting the PB win.

  • @NewUser115892 I hold Pavard as well. Really rate him but this season he seems to be way off the mark. Hoping he still makes the french side for the euro's.

  • Leon Bailey is another one you can probably pick up for just under £1.

    So far this season he's posted 4 scores over the average winning score of 209, so very unlucky not to have won any dividends so far. His average PB over the last three months is 138. That's 4th on the list for players who played 10 or more games (Messi, Ronaldo and Insigne) are the three better than him.

    Crucially he's only 23 so he has plenty of time to improve.

    Compare his stats to Mikel Oyarzabal, who is also 23, has an average of 119 and has posted two scores in the last 3 months over 209 (Bailey has played 18 games to Oyarzaval's 11 so this is pretty similar, although Bailey still has the edge). You'd expect Bailey to be at least the same value as him, if not more, yet Oyarzabel is £1.50, 50% more.

    As soon as Bailey gets lucky and posts a PB winning score I'd expect his price to go up. I also think he is someone primed for a move to a big club in the next 18 months and if it's a EPL club he could become a popular media player.

    Biggest downside for him is that as he's Jamaican he isn't going to do much on the international scene, but I don't think that should impact his price too much.

    Again, full disclosure, I have 250 Baileys and 100 Oyarzabels. So you can see that while I think they are both good holds, I definitely think Bailey is the better hold.

  • @Stevo agree with havertz think he will come good most new comers take a year to settle in the premier league

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