Squad Players

  • What do people think will be done to stimulate the prices of squad players?

    I don't think the new PB system will help that much....plus the match day extra payments are tiny.

  • i think not much for the forseeable. hopefully with a bit of sustainability they can introduce something when things have improved. hopefully end of the season

  • @NewUser84362 I would tend to agree with that statement,This now seems to be set up for a small cluster of elite players of England and the superstars of foreign leagues which is not a bad thing if that is what you want to gamble with,personally if this is how it goes it is not for me.But I will watch for a time and see how it pans out.

  • this is the big issue. fi have taken a gamble on people buying all the top dividend earners and effectively writing off a big group of players. but there will be a saturation point when kimmich etc reach a top price and what then? ok top youth talent gets snapped up but eventually the value will be squeezed and people will want to diversify. is it a good business model if a huge portion of the index wont win a dividend? some 20+ goal goal strikers winning nothing doesnt sound good to me.

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