Lampard getting sacked

  • As the title states - hopefully the new manager can find a formula that works with Kai, Timo and Ziyech!

  • He has been and the rumours say Tuchel ex PSG and Dortmund so should get a tune out of Kai

  • I think when you spend so much money you need to be top 4 and sadly for Frank he didn't find the best system for the players he has.

  • Wonder what will happen with Mount.. Ive picked up a few Ziyech this morning, already had Werner, nice for him to have a little rise.

  • from an FI perspective it completely changes the dynamics of Chelsea now and the 'new man' probably Tuchel... will give everyone a blank canvass to start from which might do the likes of Werner (who i feel so sorry for right now) and Havertz some good... but not so perhaps the likes of Mount, Tammy, Reece James etc...

    I'm a bit old skool so i'm never a fan of sacking managers unless absolutely drastic measures means they should go... I dont think Lampard's situation at Chelsea, 9th in the table five points behind Liverpool in fourth, in the cup, in the champions league, was that dramatic..,. but modern day football needs instant success, so good luck to Tuchel who will probably get off to a flyer before finding things tough and getting the same treatment in another 12-24 months time?

  • @dannypea

    Any other club but Chelsea and I think he stays given the COVID/injury issues that have screwed with his ability to gel a brand new team together but Chelsea sacked Di Matteo in no time after he won the UCL/FA cup double. There's no sense of loyalty or patience there.

  • @Dan-The-Man I would call them the best ran worse ran club i know!!!

    Roman's been doing it for years... trying to get the 'perfect' balance of 'super coach, super squad, super success and super football which has never happened... they have had super coaches, super success, super squads and super football, just not all at the same time (ok bar one year with Mourinho)... As you say, the biggest prize of all, the hardest to win, the one they'll remember in 50 years time when they're struggling in the third tier with not a pot to piss in... That one was won by the worse coach they have ever had!!!!

    I bet Ian Porterfield is turning in his grave thinking 'If I had that money I could have done that' :-/

  • @Ole-ole Mount has been on the rise ever so slowly over the last month.

  • @NewUser469373 I dont own Mount, I am a little hesitant to buy now after Franks sacking, my thoughts were similar to @dannypea about the few he mentioned.. I have held Werner for ages, I too feel very sorry for him, when he missed that penalty yesterday my heart sank for him, even as a Utd fan! I am going to stick with him though, I think (hope) he will come good..

  • @Ole-ole Interesting, what is leading to your thinking about hesitancy to buy Mount? Do you think he will be out of favour now Frank has been given the chop? I'm not a Chelsea fan and bought a few because of his potential. And, I was under the impression that he is quite useful with ball at his feet.

  • @NewUser469373 I do like him, dont take me wrong, I think he is a great little player, but I just wonder whether he will suffer with Frank going, be interesting to see who takes over, if he is in the first line up with new manager I will probably buy a few, I have noticed he has been producing some decent PB scores, so nothing concrete to suggest he will be dropped. Knowing my luck I will miss the boat and buy in at the wrong time haha..

  • Thank god he’s gone, was a clueless manager. No tactics, nothing

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