• Is he a bargin at 1.23 surely even in this up and period what are fellow traders thoughts

  • @Myles2521 said in Dyabla:

    Is he a bargin at 1.23 surely even in this up and period what are fellow traders thoughts

    He's looked like a potential bargain for a while now based on what he has done in the past.

    However, he's been in and out of the team in recent times (well more out than in actually) and that doesn't show signs of changing.

    Might need a transfer or change of manager to get going again.

  • @Myles2521 if one of the following happens his price is an absolute bargain:

    A) Ronaldo announces hes retiring
    B) he hands in a transfer request and Man Utd show some interest again.

    Hes capable of huge PB scores so even without the above I believe he's underpriced anyway but as already mentioned needs a run in the team.

  • 10 PB starts 6 sub (out of 24 games Juve have played) 3 goals 2 assists...

    Behind Ronaldo, Morata and Chiesa as the most productive FWDs at the club (this limits his Juve PB opps let alone his overall ones)... and he's 27 now... no longer the next young superstar on the block!!!

    I still think he's a cheap snip and a talented 'prospect' but Chiesa at a similar price has four more years on him and is more likely to start at Juventus, with more goals and assists...

    Its a fine balance when finding a player as no doubt he is cheaper than his real life market value, but until he gets some 'interest' from elsewhere or as said above, Ronaldo retires, I don't see his value soaring any time soon, but for a remarkable one off performance in the UCL next month? Which he is more than capable of!

    I don't like him at Juve... But if he moved to a Atalanta or Sampdoria where they played through him I would certainly be interested!

  • Yeah your basically gambling in him getting a transfer or new manger.

    I would put money in couthino instead he’s less than half the price and your probably about the same time to get a return 9-12 months

    But both investable 👍

  • Yeah I know the reason juvie not playing him because he won't sign a new contract he is asking for a big deal I think it's good educat ed gamble he is still got a good 4/5 years in him as well i got 200 so for me this is a long term one in all honesty of ipd where still a round I probably would of looked else where

  • It’s a tricky. Because he could stagnate for the next few months earning no divs as he can’t make the team. But he is a genuine PB superstar- lots of touches, take free kicks, corners, penalties- and has had monster 300+ scores in the past. As @dannypea points out, if he can get a transfer away this summer where he can be the main man...then things could get very sexy. Im keeping a close eye 👁

  • He's currently my longest surviving hold, mostly due to him being one of my favourite players around. As it stands there are much better value buys, however, I do agree that in the right team he could be a £1+ return per year player. Personally, I can't see him getting a move to a 'bigger club', so you would think he'll be the main man if he does leave, because he has so much talent.

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