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    Yes its shit

  • @Mick-The-Pie It's such a pathetically low payout. 20p equates to less in payouts than IPDs in one high scoring game (see the last Dortmund match). And it doesn't do anything for the IPD players killed by the announcement earlier in the month.

    I'd personally be happy if it was 1) a much better payout 2) if IPDs had been cut with three months notice, giving people more opportunity to adjust. At the moment there is too much optimism about it, based in part on an assumption that it will increase. IPDs may have been unsustainable but paying out so little in their place is really disappointing. I do expect it will grow though, assuming FI can afford it. FI could double it in 3 months, put on a promo during the Euros, and market it as a dividend increase. It won't be an increase of course, relative to IPD payouts, but it will be met with positivity and help improve sentiment.

  • @Timmy

    I agree with you that FI will be paying out less and I agree it could have been bigger but in this instance it will be going to the traders that FI want there client base to be built around.

    They do not want it going to traders whose template for success is the constant churn of players every 30 days who they hope will not increase in price so the yield constantly increases but the 4% commission decreases in real terms.

    Say Sancho wins now that is 920,000 shares at 1p which means £9,200 is paid out to holders who mostly are here for the long term so will get reinvested in other players and remain in the platform so underpinning prices.

    It will be slow going but it does make more business sense.

  • @Mick-The-Pie Perfect balance of absolute shit, and absolutely amazing, it will do the job that was needed 👍

  • @Fletch where does this 920,000 shares in Sancho figure come from?

    and if that is correct you would have expected his price to have went up more than it as surely only another 80,000 shares can be issued??

  • @trig

    The 920,000 shares was quoted by FI in the recent announcement - Not surprised he is not the biggest riser as he is yet to show he can return consistent dividends from PB

  • @Fletch
    As you say makes perfect business sense from a financial POV but that begs the question why screw traders over to achieve it??

    The business case has/is the same for the last 12 months but FI CHOSE to push IPD's as the route for traders to follow, with 5x promo then permanent doubling, then promising they were "part of the family permanently" & would form the bedrock returns for the full 20/21 season. It doesn't seem unreasonable, given this guidance, that traders reshaped their portfolios to reflect what FI were telling them, it's as though traders actually trusted FI's promises!!!

    Then for it to be scrapped at 30 days notice (when it could have been reduced, restricted, limited until the end of the season & the "promise" not broken) seems to be punishing the very traders who FI now expect to believe their next announcement. It just seems a very strange way to treat your loyal, trusting traderbase on which you are likely to depend for future success? If MDE prove a success why not just scrap them at 30 days notice too, truth, honesty, integrity & confidence are clearly very flexible terms for FI.

  • If we are honest all the discontent with FI can be summed up in 2 points.

    1. Not understanding there own product and customers
    2. Potentially the worst communications of any company we know

    The reason they still exist is the concept is absolutely world class and that is why so many people have stuck with them.

    I believe they have had there heads in the sand (or up there arse) for the last year thinking they know best and believing everything will turn out fine.

    However it looks to me like they have finally had a light bulb moment and noticed the product was in cardiac arrest and needed emergency treatment. So maybe now they understand the product and must now improve communications and treat there customers with more respect. Waiting until the end of the season was probably not an option as the race to the bottom would have killed the product by then.

    For me this is there last chance and actually if they get it wrong from here it will be the end, however I do think the path they are on now is the right one but only time will tell.

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