• Guys please stop fighting on the forum... We need traders to be more positive, positive vibes are the way forward.

    Fighting on forums gets us nowhere it just spreads negativity, FI are trying there best an doing a great job so far, yes we’ve had a few set backs but don’t forget this product is roughly 5 years old it’s only gunna get better...

    Guys think of the position were in now, how lucky are we that football has carried on through one of the toughest periods EVER an the market now is moving an responding to activities on an off the field which is great news for traders, that’s all we’ve ever wanted...

    Please spread the positivity it’s the only way will see the green stacks rise again 🙏🏽 🚀

  • Personally, I don't begrudge those who bemoan FI, I'm sure they have had a torrid time. I'm more frustrated with those who respond in kind expecting some kind of rational debate. I say let them shout, but don't expect a discussion.

    What I am crying out for is more football debate. There is loads to talk about now. We need some healthy chatter about players, form, transfers, et al.

  • Yes we are all on here for the same thing!! To have some banter, something to look at while we are all bored shitless in lockdown and most of all to make some money!!

    So let’s all help each other out and if you disagree with someone do it in a constructive way and not just trolling we are all adults here!

    So come on everyone all get on pogba 😂😂😂😂

  • I have 12 players guess what, there all in the red... but I’ve stayed strong an not sold up if I sell up I’d lose a shit load of money but I’m hanging in there, what’s the point in me crying about it? It’s not like the situation will get better

  • @Dav I am the same mate,all my players well down in relation to what they were,it's a three year bet so just gonna stick with it and hope it all turns around,but the bottom line for me is I have only put in what I can afford to lose.

  • Ports gone up 30% in the last week. Happy days 💪🏻

  • @Dav
    fair play thats a strong mentality which will serve you well in the long term, especially with fi! i can take winning and losing money but its got to be a fair fight. i like to use my own judgement to determine results but this feels like the strings are being pulled by the puppet masters so management idiots are dictating outcomes instead of allowing us to get on with it.
    some would say take responsibilty for your own trades and if you take that approach you can remain positive but its hard. as deciding trading positions going forward would mean trusting fi not to interfere or change direction in the near future.

  • @Dav
    Honestly just block them.

    Don't mean people like dantheman who are critical but have rational points and you can discuss stuff with. The genuine pains in the backside like the loss adjustor and that new user guy just block them and it just makes using the forum so much less unenjoyable. Ultimately life is too short to have their little Ray of Misery in yours.

    It works a treat.

  • 🚀 there going off!!

  • It’s happening guys haha 😆

  • Looking better, some green again

  • It’s stressful seeing all these players I wanted to buy running off into the distance 😂 so almost got on Sancho at £4.50 🤦🏼‍♂️ Now he’s £7 something. Think I’m gonna regret that one. Oh well, good to see normality being restored.

  • @Valhalla yep never mind, there will be lots of value left over on other players.

  • @Valhalla I bought Sancho at £6.50 and sold 3 weeks later at £3.50 so at least you haven't gone backwards

  • @Meccavibez said in POSITIVITY:

    @Valhalla I bought Sancho at £6.50 and sold 3 weeks later at £3.50 so at least you haven't gone backwards

    Im surprised you haven't taken them to court 😂

  • I will once I've earned enough IPDs for a good lawyer ;)

  • @Meccavibez I know you probably regret that decision but why on earth would you do that ?

  • pleased for you guys getting some rewards for being loyal and patient and most impressive of all kept your sanity!

  • @NewUser628679 who says any of retained our sanity

  • @NewUser469373
    well if the asylums and nuthouses are overflowing that would make sense!

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