Been away for a while... 3 year bet?

  • Evening all, Just a quick one.
    Been on here about 2 years now, Port an absolute mess obviously.
    My shares I purchased, do they still expire after 3 years? If i recall correctly this wasn't coming in to play until they put something in place so you could clearly see when they expired?

  • @NewUser601952 they still haven’t implemented the three year bet. Though they occasionally threaten to. I expect it will come in at some point this year.

  • And what are the chances they do this at no notice and your shares expire with tiny notice period...

    Or will they announce... And you get your 3 years from then...

  • Hopefully they will introduce a facility where you can click on a 2% refresh button at the end of 3 years rather than having to worry about selling the player this would be beneficial to both the trader and FI

  • I haven`t been around quite 2 years yet, nor still hold any of my original purchases.. Is there anyone that can give some examples of players they have held due to expire? I am thinking, original date and price of purchase, how much have they won you in dividends during that time and how much could you sell for currently? I am trying to establish if regardless of the ups and downs, buying and holding for 3 years has paid off..

  • @Ole-ole I bought my first shares in feb 2018, its hard to answer your questions exactly as I've aded to these since then obviously but even with all the recent price crash nonsense I'm still 27% in profit on my total deposits, the growth was just so massive for two and a half years of that time!

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