Sudden huge rise in top 200 players

  • Is there any particular reason why majority of the big players on FI have had a huge increase? Sancho has gone up 1.99 just want to know if there’s any reason why 😂

  • Now the long term minded traders have a solid roadmap for long term steady growth they are clearing up the bargains , plus fear of missing out

  • @NewUser462188 I want to believe fomo is a real thing, but is it enough to drive a market? It feels like a term to explain away something more interesting. Activity has gone up substantially.

  • What the fuck is going on 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Dodgy as fuck this platform

    No words

  • @NewUser469373 it crashed in September as a hand full of multi millionaires pulled out

    It can go up just as quick for the same reason therefore providing FOMO and liquidity

    It happens in every market even the stock market they have their multi billionaire whales, so if anyone thinks it’s dodgy this is just how it works

  • @NewUser462188 I hope your right and long may it continue

  • @NewUser462188 my thinking is that fomo causally related to liquidity. Up till now, as you say crashes have been non-stop, so I cannot see why all of a sudden there would be influx of money... unless it was following the "serious" investors.

  • Dropped quick as everyone pulled out over the last few months. So previous to that we saw the ceiling price possibilities, and during the double crash we've seen the possible bottom that the share amount is capped and FI is back to a more fantasy football mid/long term bet the old users perhaps now see the time is right....I'm sure all the users who left will be watching and waiting

  • And what I’m seeing now IMO is here comes the youth trend

  • @NewUser620315

    The rebate, mixed with the change of rules to filter the market into a limited number of players.

    We saw the same thing last time and the crash that followed. Tread carefully.

  • @Dan-The-Man Agree we saw a sudden rise before Christmas followed by a drop.

    Yes tread carefully people 🤨

  • The platform had become a short term race to the bottom gambling site via IPD's and with there removal and the introduction of a new mechanism which is not time restricted (3 years) the platform looks to be back on track to rewarding more long term holds which by its nature provides more stability.

    Now not saying the payment of 1p per share is brilliant but it is more the sense of direction that has created confidence and the return of money.

    It will still require FI to work out how they increase revenues especially as more and more of the top end reach there cap of 1 million shares and I believe this will be met by creating weekly squad competitions where they receive an entry fee. This would create fixed revenue and profit for very little work and give a more short term fix to those who like a more instant gamble.

    It will take time for money to trickle down but my guess is it will as imagine buying someone like Fabinho today for sub 40p and he wins PB and Star man in 2 years time on a gold day when dividends may well have been increased twice from there current level to say 25p for each.

    Covid and IPD's had overly influenced people to have very short term outlooks (30 days) when for the platform to be successful it needs traders to think more 1-3 years.

  • This is the way it's likely to be under Order Books.

    Prices can drop very suddenly on bad news / poor market sentiment, but can also rise very suddenly on good news / good market sentiment.

    People are realising that low prices and very high dividends means great dividend yields over 3 years.

    I'm sure there will be more periods of boom and bust in the future, but if you plan for the long term and have patience, there is plenty of scope to make money through FI.

  • One thing that I think often gets over looked is.. on match days this is a lot of fun!

  • @NorfolkCanary yes I watch every pogba pass 😂

  • @Fletch

    This is me a couple of days ago...

    Screen Shot 2021-01-26 at 11.51.38.png

    Each time we enter a rebate period, we see the market do this and each time, we've seen the market crash that follows. This rise was predictable and unless FI change something, the drop that follows is too.

  • @Gazz127 definitely a nervy excitement. But was the rise this steep? I would be interested to here from the forum statisticians. Has anyone kept an eye on rises and falls since August?

  • @NewUser469373 If we take Sancho for instance.
    End of second week of November he dropped to 4.49 and within a handful of days was touching £9!
    But 1 month later he was nudging under £4!

    This is extreme but we are seeing a similar pattern so just beware buying at these levels is all I would say.

    Saying that might be something in this Sancho rise hearing Dortmund are in financial difficulties🤔

  • @Dan-The-Man

    I have also excited some players and added to others but it will be more than the top 50 that do well maybe circa 150 for now - the difference this time to the past is that the direction of the platform looks better aligned to growth. Yes there will be ups and downs but I think the changes are better aligned to long term growth.

    You are actually one of the reasons I think the product will survive and prosper.

    1. You frequently call FI out as scammers
    2. You frequently question there motives
    3. You frequently complain about changes
    4. You frequently defend the trolls and moaners
    5. You are obviously intelligent and capable of making rational decisions

    Yet you are still trading and show no sign of leaving you are a walking advertisement of brilliant a concept this is and that no matter what they have done you refuse to cash in and walk away as deep down you believe in it.

    This is the beauty of the product and if they can improve there communications and finally get the product on the correct road map, you, I and many more will be here for a long time to come and maybe invest more not less.

  • Without going into depth, we've had back to back well-received announcements, and strengthening of the long term elements of the product.

    I don't think it can be underestimated how much of a boost the stimulus of the buy rebate adds too. They cannot keep bringing it back in as an occasional promo, it has to be reinstated long term, allow us to be the liquidity providers for the platform, otherwise we'll see another drop-off once the rebate period ends, unless they bring in major liquidity providers in that period.

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