• 1st time I’ve traded in and out of players freely since September, feel like I’m finally crawling out of the dark place I fell into.

    Not getting over excited but hope this brings a wave of positivity 🙂

  • I'm sure there will be some ups and downs but there has been a lot more positive posts this week, so it is looking brighter.

  • Yea the downs will come, but hopefully not so savage

  • It helps there is now a clear roadmap set out. A lot of ppl have been waiting in the wings, seeing how things would ride out. They now feel comfortable enough to renter the market. The value was never the issue- the divs relative to cost have been borderline absurd. It’s purely down to confidence. Now ppl feel more confident about FI, the money is literally flooding back into the market at alarming rate. My port has gone up 30% in a week.
    Money will flow into the most obvious PB talent, then as they grow overheated, flood outwards to cheaper hopefuls and youth talent. It’s good to see. Bound to be lots of dips ahead, but we’re heading back in the right direction and more importantly- PPL ARE ENJOYING THEIR FI AGAIN ☀️💪🏻

  • @Valhalla this is it mate.

    I’ve made a bit on foden today , bought him for 2.90 before Christmas, tinkered with a couple of other players by selling some shares and I’ve hedged my self now with some safe dividend bets in case the clouds pass again .

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