Change in dividend structure?

  • Hey Guys

    Does anyone know about any change in the dividend structure?

    As players's prices rise this will have big impact on our ROI (in the next 4-6 months this will be more noticeable !!), Neymar is a prime example at the moment...if he gets to £15-£16 will it be worth buying him at the current rate of dividend return???

    Let's hear your thoughts and any info you may know about this structure changing soon....



  • The question was asked at one of the traders meetings, dividends structure very attractive as it is and no plans to change it.
    At what stage they may consider an increase is unknown at the moment

  • @AndyP32 said in Change in dividend structure?:

    ave big impact on our ROI (in the next 4-6 mont

    I think a share split would make more sense

  • Would make things very attractive for new users prior to the world cup also

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